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Paycor's Embedded Solutions
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Embedded Partnerships

Unlock your revenue potential

Paycor’s Embedded Solutions can help grow your revenue while delivering a modern HCM experience for your customers.

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Your brand, our solutions

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Grow without limitations

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Increased revenue potential

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Amazingly personal service

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Your brand, our solutions

Make your brand the hero with a modern, award-winning HCM solution that includes Payroll, Tax Filing, HR, Onboarding, ACA Compliance, and more. Employees can view their paystubs or W-2s using Paycor’s Mobile App or your existing app.

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Grow without limitations

Paycor’s single platform can handle anywhere from a few employees to more than a thousand. Add more features as you grow without upgrades or lengthy re-implementations.

Our solutions were built with self-service at the forefront, meaning your customers can manage their own changes without having to contact you.

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Increased revenue potential

Paycor’s full suite of HCM solutions can help maximize your customers’ potential. Grow revenue by adding ancillary solutions for compliance, new hires, compensation, and automation.

Our interoperable platform makes it easy for your customers to integrate their data with third-party solutions.

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Amazingly Personal Service

Multiple resources are dedicated to your account. Part of the team is focused on your customer retention, while the other half works on helping you grow.

Paycor’s solutions enable your customers to do most of the work themselves, but when you need extra support, our team has you covered.

Powerful Payroll Technology

A modern payroll offering that gives you and your customers the self-service and flexibility to manage their people without having to call you.

HR that automates your tasks

Unlimited workflows, engaging self-service, and proactive notifications mean your customers can focus on their people, not their paperwork.

Optimized employee onboarding

New hires can enter information and sign company documents before day one. Your customers can even add videos and customize information.

ACA filing & compliance

Paycor’s ACA solution provides reports and IRS filing giving your customers the confidence that they’re compliant with ACA reporting.

Grow your revenue with Paycor’s Embedded Solutions

Help your customers modernize people management with an award-winning HCM solution featuring your brand.

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