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HR Software Solutions for Professional Services
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HCM for Professional Services

HR Software Built for Professional Service Firms

Paycor delivers true technology and expertise tailored for professional service firms, offering a specialized program. based on 30+ years of industry service. Call 513-338-0399.

Pay Employees

180K+ Professional Service Employees Paid

Professional service firms can’t afford payroll errors. They need to ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.

Professional Services

5,000+ Customers

From tracking and analyzing labor costs to maintaining ACA compliance, Paycor helps professional service firms overcome industry challenges.


30+ Years in the Industry

Professional service firms don’t need cookie-cutter solutions. They need HCM technology and expertise tailored to their industry.

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The professional services industry faces many unique challenges. Paycor delivers a comprehensive solution.

As a professional service firm, your focus should be on your clients’ needs, not the HR side of the business. Paycor offers HCM technology and expertise to find qualified talent, manage costs and mitigate risk.

Tailored Implementation

Paycor’s Professional Services Activation Blueprint is led by industry-skilled implementation consultants who’ve seen it all before. They know you, your business, and your industry. 

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Attracting the right candidate is pivotal to business success.

People make all the difference in the professional services industry. Fill open positions with the right people and the organization will reap big rewards. Paycor Recruiting gives you a competitive edge.

Find the Right Talent

Find the best available talent, before your competitors. Paycor Recruiting empowers leaders to build candidate pipelines, quickly and easily sift through potential hires, and offer a best-in-class interview process.

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Labor costs are a business’ top expense. Is every dollar spent effectively?

Professional service firms can’t afford to be reactive. It’s crucial that they have the data they need to make workforce decisions in real time. Paycor Analytics can help.

Solve Important Business Problems

Paycor Analytics enables you to gain deeper insights into important data like turnover, headcount and gender pay equity — so leaders can better manage labor costs.

Maintaining ACA compliance requires a lot of steps.

We don’t expect you to be an expert on the Affordable Care Act. Paycor has an entire team dedicated to understanding its ramifications and providing guidance on how to meet all requirements.

Avoid Fines and Penalties

Our ACA reporting tool helps you generate the correct reports and provide filing services to ensure you avoid fines and penalties.

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Seamlessly onboard and manage contractors in one location.

Many organizations utilize contractors to supplement full-time staff and tackle multiple projects. Paycor empowers you to manage various work relationships for all employees hired not just paid employees.

Manage all unpaid positions with Paycor.

Onboard and manage positions, employment status, immunizations, policy groups, and time policies for paid and unpaid workers in the same location.

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Key Features

Paycor has been listening to and partnering with leaders in professional service for decades, so we know what you need.

Talent Development —

Eliminate hours spent on unproductive work while giving employees a clear path to success and a reason to stay.

Powerful Benefits —

The right mix of benefits can help you attract and retain talent, improve employee satisfaction and even save you some money.

Expense Management —

Paycor’s unified solution offers one location to easily review, reimburse, and report on employee expenses. 

Compensation Planning —

Automated workflows and guided support tools help you make more informed decisions about your pay practices while ensuring salaries and rewards are equitable and competitive.

Want to Learn More?

Paycor’s HR solutions modernize every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture.

Best-In-Class Partnerships

Paycor works with trusted partners to ensure we’re meeting the needs of the professional service industry.

Paycard Solutions

Pay Solutions

Awards and Recognition

Certified Payroll Reward and Recognition

Video Interview

Video Interviewing

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“The partnership with Paycor has been tremendous. They have allowed us to take control of our business and shift our focus from a heavy administrative burden to what we do best, keeping children safe.”

– Brian Brooks, COO

Recruiting & Hiring

Paycor offers one solution to manage all aspects of the recruiting process from job postings to interviews and hiring.


Prior to Paycor, onboarding was tedious and time-consuming for new hires and administrators. Paycor has helped streamline the process with one location to manage all documentation.

Talk to Our Experts

With our consultative approach and ongoing customer service tailored to your industry, we’re the best HR + payroll provider for professional service firms.

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In our resource center you’ll find articles, guides, webinars, infographics and more — all designed to help professional service firms unlock the true power of HR.

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