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AI Guiding Principles | Paycor
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Paycor Empowers Leaders with Ethical AI.

Paycor’s AI is Human-centered, Ethical, Accountable, Reliable, and Transparent.


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Paycor believes that people bring unique value, insight, empathy, and good judgement to their jobs, especially in HR. That’s why our vision of AI places humans squarely in the center and our design of AI solutions are intuitive and easy to use.

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Paycor is guided by our code of conduct, overall company Guiding Principles, and ESG Initiatives. We have formally established dedicated teams and frameworks to oversee the ethical and responsible use of AI within the organization and within our product.

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To ensure our AI systems are designed in accountable, responsible ways, we work with both internal and independent (third-party) auditors and proactively monitor emerging regulations and best practices. 

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To ensure our AI systems are designed in accountable, responsible ways, we work with both internal and independent (third-party) auditors and proactively monitor emerging regulations and best practices. 

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Our approach to AI innovation fosters transparency. While flawless explainability is an aspirational goal and not always a reality, it remains our guiding principle. We also recognize that bias can be an issue and we strive to minimize and mitigate this risk in both the human and AI components of the system.

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Paycor’s AI-Powered HCM 

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Attract Qualified & Diverse Talent with Paycor Smart Sourcing —

Hiring the right person for the job requires human insight, but sourcing candidates and building a pipeline is a job for AI. Paycor AI Smart Sourcing reduces time-to-hire by sourcing both active candidates and passive candidates, as well as diverse candidates that are overlooked by traditional systems.

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Generate Job Descriptions That Attract Top Talent

Developing job descriptions is a time-consuming, manual process, prone to unconscious bias and inefficiencies, especially as roles and responsibilities change and become more interdependent across the organization. Paycor’s AI Job Description Writer is projected to dramatically reduce the time required to generate a job description, in some cases by at least 90%. That way, humans have more time to focus on what we do best: validating, customizing, and adding the all-important human touch to the process.

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Get Deeper Insights into Employee Surveys

AI can’t lead and motivate teams, but it can help leaders better understand how their teams are feeling in the moment. Paycor’s AI Pulse Surveys use sentiment analysis to monitor responses and determine if employee feedback is positive, negative, or neutral, so leaders better understand results and can take specific actions.

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Monitor Performance Review Feedback

Only an empathetic leader can deliver meaningful coaching, but AI can help them shape their messages. Paycor’s Talent Development software offers sentiment analysis in performance reviews to help managers personalize and fine tune feedback.

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Paycor’s HR solutions modernize every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture.