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HR Software and Technology for Higher Education
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HCM Technology for Education

HR Software for HR Leaders in Education

Paycor provides the HR technology and expertise HR leaders in education need to solve problems and achieve their goals. Speak to a representative today, call 513-338-0399.

Pay Employees

64K+ Employees Paid

To maintain compliance, educators need to pay adjuncts and staff accurately and on time, every time.


800+ Education Customers

From scheduling staff at multiple campuses to recruiting qualified talent, Paycor helps educators solve unique industry challenges.


20+ Years in the Industry

Educators don’t need one-size-fits-all software. They need technology and expertise tailored to their industry.

Teacher in front of students in desks

Whether Your School/University Is Public or Private, You Face Challenges That Other Industries Don’t. Paycor Delivers a Comprehensive Solution.

As an educator, your focus should be on your students’ experiences and quality of education, not the HR side of your institutions. Paycor offers a state-of-the-art recruiting tool, easy-to-use scheduling software and powerful compliance solutions to help.

Stress-Free Implementation

Educators don’t have the time for implementation headaches. That’s why Paycor perfected implementation with GUIDE, our expert, hands-on process for busy educators and staff.

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Onboarding Isn’t Always a Walk in the Park, Especially When Educators Hire a Variety of Roles.

From full-time professors to maintenance workers, higher education brings diverse employee populations together under one roof. Student workers can have different tax implications, and adjuncts have different contracts. Paycor Onboarding can simplify the process.

Easy Onboarding

Educators can use Paycor Onboarding to create a great first impression and engage new hires before their first day. When they arrive, all the paperwork is completed and properly filed.

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With so Many State and Federal Regulations, it’s no Wonder Compliance Is a Top Concern for Educators.

It’s hard to maintain compliance when adjuncts are in multiple systems/jurisdictions, and student workers have tax implications. Paycor Payroll can help.

Perfected Payroll

With Paycor Payroll you can quickly and easily pay employees from wherever they are and never worry about tax compliance again.

Ensuring That All Employees are Always Where You Need Them Requires Powerful Scheduling Software.

Paycor makes it easy to create optimized, efficient schedules that meet the expectations of employees and administrators.

Simplified Scheduling

Streamline employee scheduling by automating the process. Copy and paste shifts between days and weeks, create weekly templates and set shifts to repeat with Paycor Scheduling.

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Key Features

Paycor has been listening to and partnering with leaders in education for decades, so we know what you need.

Employee Self-Service —

Staff and facility workers can manage their own schedules by trading and swapping shifts, set their availability or drop or pick up open shifts.

Tax Compliance —

Educators have access to tax experts to help ensure compliance at every turn.

Hiring Tax Credits —

Educators can find credits that can dramatically impact your federal tax liabilities.

Corner of tablet showing I-9 verification against orange background

Maintain Compliance —

Federal and state employee forms like I-9s and W-4s are completed and reviewed electronically to ensure compliance.

Want to Learn More?

Paycor’s HR solutions modernize every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture.

Best-In-Class Partnerships

Paycor works with trusted partners to ensure we’re meeting the needs of the education industry.

Health And Wellness

Health + Wellbeing

Background Check

Background Screening

Video Interview

Video Interviewing

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Christ Community Lutheran School logo

“The transition to Paycor was smooth. It’s nice to tell employees to just download one app to do everything. You can punch in, view your paystub, request time off. It’s all right there.”

– Carrie Duesenberg, Christ Community Lutheran School 

Time Dashboard

Time Tracking
Paycor’s Time dashboard offers a single location for managers to view and approve timecards.

Video Interview

All employee data lives in one place and is accessible by self-service for employees.

Talk to Our Education Experts

With our consultative approach and ongoing customer service tailored to your industry, we’re the best HR + payroll provider for educators.

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