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The HR COE is an action plan based on Paycor’s proprietary data and research. Think of it as your roadmap to achieving HR excellence in talent management, workforce management, benefits and the employee experience.

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Learn how to attract, hire, onboard, train, coach, and develop people. Create a culture of continuous feedback. Develop consistent performance review practices and align everyone’s goals to overall business objectives.

Mentors are usually expected to give more general career advice, while coaches tend to focus on specific outcomes. Read to learn more how to become a successful mentor.

Hiring a diverse workforce is not something that just happens. Read Paycor’s 6 recruiting strategy tips to hire more diversely.

Paycor’s new predictive resignation feature helps leaders identify at-risk workers and forecast the probability of turnover. Watch this video to learn more.

41% of CEOs say labor costs are the most important HR metric to measure (Gartner). Learn how to better track and analyze your labor spend across payroll, time, and schedule. Stay on top of federal, state, and local compliance.

There are several ways employers can help employees affected by domestic violence issues, including a domestic violence leave of absence. Learn how it works.

Since 2021, businesses with 100-plus employees—and at least one employee in California—must file pay data with the DFEH. Learn what employers need to know.

An automated expense reporting solution provides you with more insight into the costs your business incurs and creates a more efficient process.

80% of small & medium-sized businesses don’t believe they effectively engage their employees (Paycor survey). Learn how to motivate and support your employees and you’ll have an unbeatable competitive advantage.

In this post, we've given tips on how to evaluate your training programs with these pre and post-training survey questions.

Pay secrecy is illegal in most instances. Could your business be breaking the law with its pay policies? Read Paycor’s article to see if you are in violation.

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Salary Increase Letter

Notify employees of a pay adjustment with Paycor's letter template.

Benefits have never been more important to employees. Learn how to design and implement a benefits program that’s both tailored to your employee population and cost-effective. Paycor found that the right mix of benefits can reduce turnover by 138%.

Offering an enticing 401k plan can help recruit and retain talent. See how a Safe Harbor 401k plan works and decide if it's best for your company.

The Biden administration is offering tax credits to small businesses who offer paid sick leave in conjunction with the Covid-19 vaccine. See details, here.

Benefits administration software replaced the old school method of using paper forms for enrolling employees in healthcare and 401k plans. See all the upsides of benefits software, here.

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