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The HR COE is an action plan based on Paycor’s proprietary data and research. Think of it as your roadmap to achieving HR excellence in talent management, workforce management, benefits and the employee experience.

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Learn how to attract, hire, onboard, train, coach, and develop people. Create a culture of continuous feedback. Develop consistent performance review practices and align everyone’s goals to overall business objectives.

HRIS software is redefining human resources management today. Discover its impact in managing automation processes and employee productivity improvements.

Job interviews are not a one-step-process — there are multiple stages. Having the right process in place ensures you hire the right person.

What does it take for manufacturers to overcome challenges in recruiting and retaining skilled workers? Get started with these helpful steps.

41% of CEOs say labor costs are the most important HR metric to measure (Gartner). Learn how to better track and analyze your labor spend across payroll, time, and schedule. Stay on top of federal, state, and local compliance.

If your employees regularly receive tips, complying with tipped minimum wages can be complicated. Know the rules as an employer for your business’ state.

Health insurance coverage is a complex subject for small business owners to tackle. If you're looking to offer insurance to your workforce, start here.

Businesses that aren't compliant with paying payroll taxes can face hefty fines. Learn how to AVOID payroll tax penalties!

80% of small & medium-sized businesses don’t believe they effectively engage their employees (Paycor survey). Learn how to motivate and support your employees and you’ll have an unbeatable competitive advantage.

No one said working remotely or in a hybrid workplace is going to be easy. But with the right system in place, it can minimize tension and maximize productivity.

We’ve outlined four new trends that are showing up in manufacturing this year.

Recruiting top talent is more competitive than ever. To help HR teams stay ahead of the game, here are our top recruitment trends for 2023.

Benefits have never been more important to employees. Learn how to design and implement a benefits program that’s both tailored to your employee population and cost-effective. Paycor found that the right mix of benefits can reduce turnover by 138%.

Both payroll administrators and employees should be aware of newly announced 2023 401(k) match and contribution limits for your retirement plans.

The cost of using a payroll service can be up to 40 times LESS expensive than using a PEO. Get the facts here.

New York State has taken a lead on ensuring employees don’t have to choose between their health and their jobs through laws requiring sick leave benefits.

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