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The HR COE is an action plan based on Paycor’s proprietary data and research. Think of it as your roadmap to achieving HR excellence in talent management, workforce management, benefits and the employee experience.

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Talent Management

Read Time: 5 min

How HRIS Software is Redefining Human Resources

HRIS Software helps human resources teams as well as the employees. See just how big of an impact it makes in the workplace.

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Read Time: 7 min

What Is Performance Management and Why is it Important for Businesses?

Performance management should be inspiring for employees, not something that invokes fear. Get best practices for your workforce, here.

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Read Time: 8 min

Tips on Writing Performance Reviews [Sample Comments Included]

Evaluating employees doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. Get tips on how to write a performance review for your team members.

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Workforce Management

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Read Time: 6 min

10 Benefits of Cloud HR Software for Small Businesses

In a little over a decade, cloud HR software has gone from a nice to have to an essential tool. See how it helps businesses.

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Employee Experience

Read Time: 9 min

Five Action Steps for a More Positive Work Culture

Organizations with a positive work culture attract more talent and increase productivity. See the steps to creative a strong culture at your organization.

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Benefits Administration

Read Time: 6 min

ICHRA Rules: What are Individual Coverage HRAs?

An Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement is now available for organizations of all sizes. See how an ICHRA can help your employees.

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