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Private Equity

Create Value Across Your Portfolio

Paycor understands the needs of private equity firms. We can help optimize Human Capital Management throughout the investment lifecycle. 

Maximize Your Portfolio Growth

Paycor creates value through the entire investment lifecycle.

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Deal Origination

Access to the ecosystem of partnerships and national base.

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Accelerate HCM Diligence

Dedicated Paycor support (sales & operations) to identify and plan a human capital strategy that’s implemented prior to 100-day plan.

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Post Close

High valuations and longer hold times require more comprehensive value creation planning.

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Maximize LTV through Paycor by leveraging data & analytics to showcase value creation and ESG initiatives.

Creating Value-Add Opportunities

As a PE-backed company, Paycor knows how to uncover hidden value in human capital management. By delivering agile technology that scales quickly, Paycor helps private equity firms reduce risk and lower operating costs for your portfolio.

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Talent Management

Create sustainable value through management strategies. Actively assess, transform, and upgrade the management capabilities within each acquired organization. With Paycor, you will:

  • Assess skill supply across the entire organization.
  • Leverage strategic succession planning.
  • Use AI-driven analytics including predictive resignation to identify gaps and risks.
  • Data-backed leadership assessment to pinpoint manager effectiveness.
  • Use benchmarking data to see how companies stack up across the portfolio.
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Cultural Transformation

Paycor supports sponsors in executing workforce-led value creation strategies that position key leaders and teams to take ownership at the local level. With Paycor, you will:

  • Use AI-powered employee sentiment analysis to get feedback on company cultural health.
  • Gauge employee sentiment on company direction, strategies, etc.
  • Get real-time feedback on managers and employee development.
  • Make use of DE&I tools to support long-term growth.
  • Collaboration and communication tools to help build trust and transparency across the workforce.
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Operational Excellence

Paycor provides a unified experience that scales with growing business and identifies key areas for improvement across labor costs, recruiting, onboarding, time tracking and HR management. With Paycor, you will:

  • Help get leaders out of the weeds so they can focus on employee engagement, comprehensive benefits, etc.
  • Gain deeper insights into important data like turnover, headcount, and gender pay equity.
  • Leverage competitive workforce analytics to see how you stack up against your peers.
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Risk & Compliance

Paycor can help private equity firms predict, evaluate, and reduce the risk of people issues and compliance red flags that are inherently in all team environments. With Paycor, you will get:

  • Fully compliant systems monitoring compliance across payroll, tax, hiring, and training procedures.
  • Analytics for proactive management of high-risk compliance areas such as compensation trends, pay equity, hiring and diversity.
  • Compliance courses with automated training and tracking across the organization.
  • Compensation planning to understand how promotions, salaries, and hiring practices compare across gender, race, age, etc.

Ready to Learn More?

Talk to a Paycor Private Equity Sales Leader today to see how we can help your firm create value across your portfolio.

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