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Paycor Offers CPAs Payroll & HR Technology
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Take Your Business to the Next Level

As a trusted advisor, your clients rely on you to offer solutions that will make their lives a little bit easier. Show them you can do more than file their taxes. With Paycor, you can help them overcome their toughest HR and payroll challenges.

Why Partner with Paycor?

Increase Client Retention

As a trusted advisor, become a one-stop shop by offering solutions to your clients’ biggest HR and payroll challenges.

Get Time Back in Your Day

By outsourcing payroll, you’ll get time back in your day to focus on other areas of your business.

Gain Credibility and Trust

Insulate yourself and your clients from compliance challenges and ensure accurate payroll.

Multiple Partnership Options

Plan your exit strategy, process payroll on behalf of your clients, or offer fully outsourced payroll.

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Increase Client Retention

In a recent survey of 1,000 small businesses, nearly half said they don’t work with an accountant or advisor. Why? Outside of filing their taxes, some business owners don’t understand what else you can bring to the table.

The best way to retain your existing clients is to show your value and that you have more to offer than just a tax filing. When your clients start complaining about the hours it takes to process payroll, or can’t get answers to compliance challenges, or the difficulty finding new hires, Paycor can help them overcome those challenges.

Our cloud-based software allows businesses to find, hire, and pay employees quickly and easily from anywhere, all while ensuring HR and tax compliance.

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Get Time Back in Your Day

When you partner with Paycor, we’re dedicated to helping you retain clients and getting more time back in your day to focus on the higher revenue generating aspects like advising and consulting.

Instead of spending time onboarding and paying your clients’ employees, and tracking which employees are leaving so you can delete them from the system, let Paycor handle it. Our platform modernizes and automates every aspect of people management, from recruiting, onboarding, and paying associates to developing and retaining them.

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Gain Credibility and Trust

With such intense scrutiny on payroll taxes, your clients can’t afford any missteps. Our experts take care of payroll tax compliance, liabilities, and workers’ comp so your clients can focus on what matters most: growing their business and taking care of their people.

Paycor Payroll is automatically updated with tax laws and employment regulations relevant to industry and location, which keeps you and your clients compliant.

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Multiple Partnership Options

With Paycor, you’re never limited to one partnership option. We understand that each business is different and want to give you the freedom to choose the best way to work with us.

You can plan your exit strategy, process payroll on behalf of your clients, or offer fully outsourced payroll. The choice is yours to make and we’re here to support you and your firm in any way. Talk to a Paycor representative today to see what option works best for you and your clients!

Ready to Learn More About Partnering with Paycor?

Talk to a Paycor sales leader today to see how a partnership helps win new clients, protects your existing business, and keeps everyone compliant.

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