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Time and Attendance Software for Employee Time Tracking
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Time + Attendance Software

Simplify Time Tracking and Attendance Management

Manage time off, track hours worked and stay on top of labor distribution with automated and accurate timekeeping. Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.

More than 40,000 businesses nationwide trust Paycor*

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4.4/5 (2,762 Reviews)

Paycor provides more services than just payroll. We have the HR feature, the time keeping feature, reports, there’s so many different things that Paycor can offer.


HR Manager

Cincinnati Bengals

With Paycor’s onboarding solution, adding new hires takes me very little time. I also love that you can store documents online.


Director of Brand Development

Goo Goo Cluster

The overall experience is good as the program fulfills its purpose well, making life easier for companies that need payroll software.



MANNA Foodbank

Working with Paycor has cut our payroll processing time down from almost a full day to one hour. We also have more visibility.


Marketing Director

Hospital & Health Care

Paycor is more than just a time-keeping software. Employees can put in their hours and PTO requests, and can see their pay stubs and benefits.


Hospital Administrator

Hospital & Health Care

The software is rapidly updated with changes of times such as setting up new earnings codes for COVID related leaves. Easy to use.


Financial Assistant

Non-Profit Organization

One Flexible Solution for Time & Attendance Tracking

Automate the Entire Process with Paycor

Gone are the days of toggling between multiple systems, reviewing paper time cards, and managing spreadsheets. Paycor Time fully integrates with payroll to help eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce the risk of costly errors, and improve payroll accuracy.

Unified System of Record

Eliminate costly errors and inaccuracies with one single source of truth across timekeeping and payroll.

Attendance Management

Easily create rules, track tardiness, absences and rewards employees for consistent attendance, all while optimizing your labor spend.

Time Off Management

We provide a range of rules that can automatically calculate balances for employees, regardless of how an organization accumulates them.

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Protect Your Business

Accurately tracking overtime and hours worked is essential to prevent lawsuits and compliance missteps. Paycor Time removes uncertainties and offers seamless access to time data so leaders can gain efficiencies, mitigate risk, and reduce expenses.

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Time Dashboard

Easily view and manage all time off requests and hours in one place. Proactive alerts and messages instantly notify users and admins of errors or discrepancies to avoid costly compliance issues or incorrect time cards.

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Flexible Timekeeping Options

We provide a range of modern timeclocks with Wi-Fi connectivity, PIN entry, badge proximity entry, and a multi-languages badge reader to accurately record employee time punches.

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Time Off Advisor

Easily set up time off rules and enable automatic approval or denial of requests.

Make Better Decisions About Labor Costs

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Time Insights

Access data faster and see which items need your attention with time card exceptions, hours worked, and approvals in one place.

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Overtime Insights

Break down your overtime spend by department, manager, location and more.  We offer more than 10 overtime policies to help accurately track all hours worked.

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Have managers and employees on the move? Paycor Mobile makes it easy to clock in/out, enter daily hours, request time off, and more.

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Administrators can set precise location maps to ensure employees are punching in or near desired work locations. 

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Group Punching

Frontline managers can submit group punches from a mobile device. Our manufacturing, restaurant, and construction customers love this feature.

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Job Costing

Employees can easily search and clock in/out for specific labor codes to accurately track hours worked.

Trusted By Users & Third-Party Evaluators

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250+ Integration Partners

Seamlessly integrate and sync data between Paycor and your favorite apps.

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Global Payroll

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Advanced Scheduling

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Background Screening

Tailored to Your Industry

Professional Services
Professional Services

The Paycor Difference


“Our employees work in multiple departments and locations. Before Paycor, one simple timesheet error could take nearly twenty steps to resolve. Paycor Time allows us to identify errors and resolve discrepancies before they become an issue.”

– Angie Lassley, CEO, YMCA Salina

Time Dashboard

Ensure accuracy with one location to view and approve timecards.

Time Unified Experience

HR saves eight hours each pay period with automated processing.

Time & Attendance FAQs

Why is time and attendance important?

Time and attendance software helps organizations pay hourly employers fairly and accurately based on the hours they’ve worked. The software can also be used for more complex calculations, such as labor cost allocation, or for rewards systems based on on-time employee performance.

How can time and attendance technology benefit your organization?

Time and attendance technology benefits your business by: 

  • Ensuring that the hours you’re paying employees for are the actual hours they worked.
  • Protecting your business from employee complaints or lawsuits.  
  • Instituting attendance policies and using technology to enforce it. 
  • Significantly reducing employee tardiness and absenteeism.

What are the benefits of integrating payroll and HR systems with time and attendance tracking?

Businesses often purchase all-in-one payroll, time and attendance, and HR systems to reduce the overall cost of operations, prevent errors, eliminate manual processes when transferring data from systems, and make things easier to use for employers, managers and their employees.

What’s the disadvantage of using a time clock from an office supply store?

Time clocks that aren’t integrated with your payroll systems can only record punches. Your team has to manually move that information into your time and payroll system, which can easily lead to errors and mishandling, opening you up to potential liability. Purchasing time clocks alongside a time and payroll software solution helps ensure a seamless transition of data and requires less work.

Can employees use their mobile phones for time tracking?

Many time tracking systems are now available on mobile devices to make it easy for employees to punch in and out using their phones. These systems often have geotracking or geofencing features built in to help ensure that employees are at the proper location before clocking in.

Does Paycor offer a Customer Sandbox?

Yes. Paycor’s Sandbox allows customers to test configurations, security privileges, workflows, and train new team members in a secure environment without affecting their Paycor HR, Time, Accruals or Payroll data.

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Featured Resources

The HR COE is an action plan based on Paycor’s propriety data and research. Think of it as your roadmap to achieving HR excellence in talent management, workforce management, benefits and the employee experience.

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