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Talent Development and Performance Management
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Talent Development

Create a Culture of Continuous Development

Move beyond the once-a-year employee review and create a culture of continuous development with a modern performance management system. Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.

Give Employees a Reason to Stay

When done right, performance reviews are a critical component to development, and improving productivity and engagement across an organization. Yet, traditional performance management no longer offers the resources and support employees need. Infrequent conversations riddled with biases and information gaps aren’t inspiring employees to improve. High-performing companies must shift to continuous development and coaching conversations that increase engagement, create the right level of focus and deliver better business outcomes. 

Paycor Talent Development moves beyond the annual performance review by allowing you to create a culture of continuous development. Our low-touch, robust solution automates the entire process. With Paycor, HR leaders can better inform compensation, promotion and succession-planning decisions, as well as drive employee performance.

More Frequent Feedback

More Frequent Feedback

Annual reviews often blindside employees with feedback. Paycor Talent Development opens the door to more regular and effective communication between associates and managers.

Improve Focus

Improve Focus

Are employees aware of their priorities and goals? Paycor Talent Development offers templates that ensure employees are focused on what’s most important.

Develop Your Workforce

Develop Your Workforce

Most organizations want to use data to drive performance, but can’t get the metrics they need. Paycor Talent Development automatically compiles data and builds reports for you.

Trusted Performance Management Solution

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A Clear Path to Success

Even before 2020 disrupted corporate work environments, few HR leaders were satisfied with their performance management approaches. The 2019 Gartner Performance Management Benchmarking Survey revealed some startling statistics. First, 81% of HR leaders planned to make changes or overhaul their performance management program. Second, 82% acknowledged that performance management wasn’t effective at achieving its primary objective: motivate employees by aligning their personal goals with the company objectives. 

It’s time to make performance management the secret sauce that drives recruiting, retention, revenue and culture. Paycor can help you revamp ongoing employee development by shifting to more frequent coaching conversations that ensure employees are focused on the right priorities, receiving the direction they need to be productive.

Ongoing Conversation —

Our 1:1 tool streamlines conversation between managers and direct reports with customizable, preloaded templates.

Engagement Culture —

Improve the communication loop between peers, teams and your entire workforce with our Feedback Tool.

Align Goals —

Work toward the same goals with transparent Objectives + Key Results (OKRs), and eliminate wasted hours spent on unproductive work.

Data Rich Conversations —

Pull data from 1-on-1s, feedback and goals to conduct time efficient reviews based on historical performance data to reduce bias.

Remove Complexities from Performance Management

HR leaders and employees need the right technology to simplify the process. We can help.

Modernize the Process

Paycor Talent Development eliminates the frustration, complexities and repetitive tasks HR leaders encounter when managing performance evaluations. Instead of manually collecting feedback, capturing data in spreadsheets and analyzing the results, we make the process more efficient by automatically compiling data from a selected time frame and building a report for you. With automated workflows, prompts, tasks and notifications, admins and managers can break free from messy spreadsheets — and get time back to focus on more impactful conversations and development activities.

Progress Tracking —

Automated workflows, prompts, tasks and notifications remove the manual burden on admins, managers and employees to keep everyone on track.

Team Insights —

Utilize quick link dashboards to analyze results with data that includes department and manager filters.

Best Practice Templates —

We provide you with a template library of questions to guide performance conversations.

More Frequent Feedback

5 Ways Talent Development Makes Your Company Unbeatable
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“We have better visibility into departmental goals and organizational direction and better communication between managers and directs around expectations.”

JoAnne B., Sr. Manager


“It’s the most effective tool which lets us focus on engaging people efficiently and have meaningful conversations about their progress.”

David B | Accounting

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