Paycor Security: How We Keep You Safe

Your employees are likely your greatest asset. As such it is important to partner with a reputable and trusted HCM vendor who will work to keep your employee information safe. At Paycor we are proud of our security stance and are continually working to improve our products and services to address evolving threats.

  Security Overview Guide


What is Phishing?

“Phishing” is a situation where an individual receives a fraudulent email that appears to be sent by a trusted vendor in order to steal personal information. Phishing attempts can be very convincing as the web site requesting information can seem very similar to the legitimate vendor’s site. There are some best practices that Paycor recommends to prevent you or your employees from becoming victims to this type of attack.

  1. Validate the sender: When you receive emails from Paycor, ensure that the address ends in
  2. Validate the URL: When entering your username and password, check the URL in the browser to ensure that it is indeed the correct address and that it is protected with “HTTPS” at the front of the URL.
  3. Look for inconsistencies: Oftentimes, phishing attempts can contain subtle differences in the design of the site. Be sensitive to nuances such as misspellings or poor graphics.
  4. Look for threats: Phishing attempts often warn of bad consequences if an action is not taken immediately or within a certain period time.
  5. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication: Multi-factor authentication is an additional and significantly effective security measure that requires a “second factor” such as a secure code to authenticate.
  6. Ensure a strong password: We recommend your password include a combination of lower and upper-case characters, numbers and other symbols.
  7. It is important to note that Paycor will never request that your username or password be sent via email.

We utilize SMS or email-based two-step authentication as an added protection for signing in. Our applications offer workflows and generate notifications for high-risk changes like direct deposit changes or account lockouts.

What Should I Do If I Receive a Suspicious Email?

If you or your employees have received a suspicious email, we recommend that you delete it immediately. If you or your employees have entered information such as username, password, or other confidential information into a suspicious site, we recommend that the password for the account is changed immediately. Please contact your specialist with additional questions.

Paycor is serious when it comes to keeping client payroll and personal information confidential and secure.

Development security

We designed our software with granular, role-based security controls that are configurable to match our client’s needs.

Whether you are a small business, a restaurant chain, or a large corporation, we can design controls to restrict access appropriately for your organization.

We utilize SMS or email-based two-step authentication as an added protection for signing in. Our applications offer workflows and generate notifications for high-risk changes like direct deposit changes or account lockouts.

Development security

Our servers and networks are stored in enterprise-class data centers.

Networks are protected with Intrusion Detection Systems and next-generation firewalls and we utilize 256-bit TLS 1.2 encryption to protect data in transit.

Our infrastructure is fully redundant with continuous live backups ensuring data consistency and reliability should we experience any hardware failures. Our technology stack is meant to protect you and your employee’s data.

Development security

Dedicated teams and analytics monitoring looking for fraudulent and suspicious activity.

We partner with external security firms to perform semiannual penetration tests against our offerings. As threats evolve so to do our products and service offerings.

Keeping your employee’s information safe and payments accurate takes shared responsibilities. Follow these basic tips:

Keeping yourself safe
  • Use a strong and unique password for
  • Guard your email account and mobile device for two-step authentication
  • Do not share your password with anyone
  • Keep your antivirus, web-browsers, and operating system up to date with security patches
  • Be cognizant of phishing and malware emails
  • Only use trusted devices and be careful of free WIFI
  • Let us know if you have concerns about your account security

For further details about doing your part and keeping your employees safe, please view the resources below:

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