Your true business partner

We believe in personal attention. The one-to-one relationship is the foundation of Paycor. Our clients have a direct contact. Someone who knows their name, their business and their needs.

We believe in simple and easy-to-use products. The kind of tools that save people time, adapt to their needs, grow with their company and allow them to be more strategic. From payroll and human resources to our time and attendance solutions, we provide integration and scalability, plus automatic upgrades at no additional charge.

We believe in the big picture. Doing the right thing happens every day. Listening, striving for improvement and valuing integrity. From inside the office to out in the community, our team leads the way in standing up and being counted upon to help those in need.

We believe in advancing technology. Our products must evolve and new products must be created. It’s why we develop our software based on feedback from our clients, to ensure we’re able to adapt to their ever-changing needs.

We believe in growth. It fuels opportunity for our clients and our Associates. As company and market needs change, we want to be positioned to grow with our clients instead of having clients outgrow us. And as our associates’ experience and skills grow, we want to provide them with their next challenge.

We believe in an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s what built the foundation of Paycor, and it’s what lays the groundwork for great Associates. New ideas and personal goals fuel continued growth. And we’re going nowhere but up.

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