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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Paycor
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Paycor

Paycor is committed to building accessible opportunities for all our targeted populations. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we are taking the right STEP toward inclusion and belonging.


Strategic education and awareness for all.


Transparency in our demographics and DE&I insights.


Equity of pay, hiring, and treatment for underrepresented populations.


Create purpose and perspective for the work.

What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are all of the ways in which people are unique from one another, eliminating barriers for equitable opportunity, and the act of valuing and respecting the differences in every person we interact with daily.

Think of it This Way

Everyone brings their own unique individuality and perspectives to work. Your identity and perspective are influenced by your environment, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion and more. DE&I aims to build workplaces that create a sense of belonging and inclusion for all.

Gender Representation for Paycor Associates in the U.S.





These statistics are just a small fraction of what we measure.

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Race/Ethnicity Representation for All Paycor Associates in the U.S.






Black or
African American

Hispanic or Latinx

Native American or Alaska Native





Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

Two or More Races



These statistics are just a small fraction of what we measure.

To learn more please click the box to the right.

Why is it Important?

DE&I exemplifies Paycor’s Guiding Principles, especially Do the Right Thing and Take Care of Each Other. We believe that challenging the status quo and ensuring all voices are heard and valued are the best ways to keep Paycor’s culture dynamic and healthy.

Paycor’s Diversity Policy

At Paycor, we have a culture that supports and embraces the rich mosaic of diversity in our associates, customers, and partners. We are passionate about encouraging individuality and authenticity that extends beyond our work and into the communities we serve. We prioritize building equitable systems and practices that are grounded in learning and awareness. We hold ourselves accountable to expanding opportunities and promoting equity so that Paycor is a place where voices are heard and uplifted. Our journey is one of creating a sense of belonging and inclusion in every associate. We are committed to challenging the status quo with empathy, compassion and humanity because that’s how we Take Care of Each Other.

We Have a Plan

Paycor has committed to focusing on strategic DE&I education and awareness, transparency in our data, and equitable opportunities and pay for women and associates of color to grow in leadership positions. We’re also committed to increasing ethnic and cultural diversity with a focus on Black/African-American and Latinx/Hispanic populations, and to increasing feelings of belonging and inclusion for all of our associates who self-identify in the LGBTQ+ population.

Perspectives+ is a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative developed by Paycor for our customers, partners, and prospective customers. This online resource center is filled with collaboration tools including articles, templates, webinars and practical tips to help leaders promote DE&I best practices in the workplace.

Perspectives+ has a special focus on promoting women, communities of color, and people from historically marginalized groups.

Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion Strategy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a priority at Paycor, and we strive to create a culture of inclusion and belonging for all. For us, that means committing to strategic education, transparency, equity & equality, and purpose for the work. Paycor established DE&I as a strategic part of the business goals and ways of working. We are leading the way in the space of DEI&B by incorporating associate voice into our rhythms, culture, policies, and procedures. Our DE&I strategy, guided by four pillars, has led to the consistent success for the entire organization.

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Making DE&I a Priority in the Workplace

Our message across the business is that diversity, equity and inclusion work belongs to every associate in all functional areas. The work Paycor does for DE&I is a marathon – not a sprint. The DE&I team aligns with Paycor’s core values, most importantly to Take Care of Each Other and Do the Right Thing. Our company journey in DE&I started just shortly after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Transparency is a key part of trust, which is a priority for enhancing belonging. We want your trust as we include everyone in our growth to build winning teams!

DEI means recognizing and appreciating the unique perspectives and experiences that each individual brings to the table. Every associate gets to feel empowered, supported, and able to contribute their best to Paycor’s success.

Stephanie Villarreal
Implementation Consultant, Colorful Connections ERG Leader

Diversity means having a team of people from a variety of backgrounds who are working together based on their skills and experience. Equality is fairly making opportunities and resources available to everyone. Inclusion is being comfortable being yourself and knowing that you are supported by those around you for being authentic.

Cameron Steinmetz
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, CARE ERG Pillar Leader

Employee Resource Groups

At Paycor, we’re always adding new groups to welcome people from diverse backgrounds into our culture. Check out our growing list of ERGs.

Supplier Diversity

Paycor is committed to the development and growth of a strong and diverse supplier network. In FY23 we established a new Paycor Empowerment Program in conjunction with the Cincinnati Minority Business Accelerator to support minority-owned business leaders in growing their organizations through Paycor’s vast Marketplace network. Nine new minority-owned businesses were selected to join our growing Marketplace of partners.

Also, in partnership with the Cincinnati Bengals, we launched a local, minority-owned small business contest, “Earn Your Stripes.” The competition is an opportunity for local, minority-owned business leaders throughout the tristate area to share their innovative and remarkable business ventures to a panel of judges. The winning company received a sponsorship package at Paycor Stadium for the 2023 NFL season.

Analytics Gives You DE&I Insights

Paycor Analytics delivers actionable insights and real-time visibility into your people data. The product includes organizational guidebooks to provide easy access to things like exits and starts, talent information like retention and compensation, valuable workforce insights like overtime and absenteeism, and diversity and inclusion dashboards focused on gender and ethnicity metrics.

dei analytics software screenshot

Paycor Analytics —

Paycor Analytics gives you deep insights into your company. You can analyze the makeup of your staff by age, gender and ethnicity.

filtering dei data screenshot

Filter & Sort —

You can sort age, gender and ethnic data in a variety of ways (e.g., filter by department, job family, job type, location).

dei benchmarking data screenshot

General Ledger —

You can also benchmark the diversity of your company against nearly 30,000 other Paycor customers, as well as government data.

Find Your Fit

Paycor’s culture is built on over 30 years of valuing the power of relationships. We believe in a spirit of helpfulness and humanity that includes every community and everyone our business touches. We grow together. We learn about each other and our clients. We innovate together so that we can succeed together. At Paycor, there’s always an opportunity to get involved and pursue your passions. We embrace the diverse mosaic of our employees and build fast-growing teams dedicated to success and belonging. Find Your Fit with us here.

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