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Employees of a Paycor client company can contact their company’s HR department for questions about payroll, time cards & other HR matters.

*For general information about Paycor, please call 800.381.0053 or contact us online.

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I want to know more about Paycor.

I want to know more about Paycor.

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I\'m a CPA.

I'm a CPA.

Please call CPA Care at 866.729.2671 or click the button below to enter an online request.

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My company uses Paycor.

My company uses Paycor.

Please call 800.381.0053 or click the button below for technical support or inquiries about Paycor products & services.

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I'm a Broker.

Brokers can call Broker Care at 855.565.3298 or click the button below to submit an online request.

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