Paycor's Employee Mobile App

Access on the go. Employees can access paycheck information, request time off, and clock-in/clock-out right from their smartphone.

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Employees can access their pay information anytime, anywhere

  • Review Pay Information
    Employees can see paycheck details like earnings, deductions and year-to-date totals. Up to three years of pay information is available to view quickly and securely.
  • View Benefits Information
    Employees can instantly open their benefits information right from their phone.
  • Request Time Off
    Employees can request time off without having to sign into a computer or come talk to you. And they can check how many days off they have left.
  • Clock-In/Clock-Out
    Administrators have the option to allow employees to punch in or out using their mobile phone. They can even choose which
    location or department they are punching into if they work in multiple locations or departments.
  • Keep Accurate Info
    When employees update their own data, you get more accurate information, which makes your job that much easier.
  • Data Security
    Rather than being stored on your device, your information is stored in Paycor’s data center. All application requests and transactions are routed through our secure servers. And data transfers between our data center and your device are encrypted.
  • Personal Security
    The app does not transmit or use any sensitive personal information. Your username and password are protected, and you will be automatically logged out after a period of inactivity. Account access is also denied after several sign-in failures.

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