There's an App for That: Employee Mobile

Posted on November 15, 2012

Do your employees wish they could look up their paystubs on the go? Paycor’s Employee Mobile app allows them to do just that. Designed with your employees in mind, the app lets employees view their pay information securely on their iPhone or Android device. They can look up earnings, deductions, taxes and year-to-date totals anytime, from anywhere. They can also access up to three years of past pay information.

With the Employee Mobile app, your employees can also stay connected. If your company opts into the app’s employee directory, your employees can call or email their colleagues’ work phone or email address directly from the app and quickly add coworkers’ contact information to their phone’s contacts.

Here is what some of the app’s users are saying:

“What a way to keep your company’s employees happy! Access up to 3 years of pay stubs, check pay stubs on the fly…this app has it all!”

“Another fabulous product by Paycor! Payroll gets easier with every new tool they make available. The mobile app puts your check stub right at your fingertips!”

As long as you currently use Online Check Stubs, the Employee Mobile app is available for your employees to start using. And you can rest assured your information is secure—all data is stored in the Paycor data center, and all data transfers are encrypted. Learn more about the Employee Mobile app or download it below, or contact us for more information.

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