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Ask HR: How Can We Attract New Hires?
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Ask HR: How Can We Attract New Hires?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, one of your employees stumps

you with a question you haven’t heard before. The pros at the HR Support

Center really have heard it all—at least, until tomorrow.

Here is a recent question and expert advice from HR

On-Demand, one of the features available to HR Support Center subscribers.

Question: We are struggling to find new hires. We advertise locally and nationally on major job posting sites. And while we are having some success hiring through agencies, they charge high fees. What are we missing here? We offer a great insurance package, 401(k), profit sharing and competitive rates in one of the most popular cities in the U.S., yet we still have trouble finding good applicants. Any thoughts on the matter?

Answer from Rebecca, HR Pro: You’re not alone. A lot of companies

are having trouble filling openings, especially for jobs with skills in

high demand. The trick is standing out. I recommend really talking up

your benefits, company culture, and perks.

Don’t be shy in your employment ads. Highlight your great insurance

package, 401(k), profit sharing, and competitive salary! In fact, I

recommend publicizing the salary range. A visible salary range will

entice the applicants you want and deter those you don’t.

To really stand out, be sure to mention how great your company culture

is. Share your specific values and explain the creative ways you bring

them into your organization. Be creative with your employment ads. The

look and feel of your ads should tell applicants what kind of company

culture you have. So should your social media presence. Many of your

prime candidates are using social media daily, and this is a

cost-effective way to reach them.

Your best ambassadors, though, are your loyal, happy employees. Ask them

to tell their contacts about the great organization they work for, and

consider implementing a referral bonus.

If a lack of skilled candidates is the issue, you might consider filling

out or expanding your entry level roles. Entry level employees are a

great source for promotion into technical and skilled roles. If you

don’t have any entry level employees, considering creating new positions

for a wider talent pipelines. Just remember that once employees are

trained or have expanded their skills, they expect higher wages.

Rebecca has a diverse background in Human Resources and Training

Management from the temporary staffing and insurance industries. She

received her bachelor’s degree from LaRoche College and previously

served in a variety of HR management positions.

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