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HR Analytics Software

Actionable Insights for Your Business

Take the complexity out of HR analytics with technology that provides real-time insights and benchmarking. Make better decisions with data and easily create custom dashboards, perfect for sharing.  Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.

Make Better Decisions with Data

Eighty-two percent of mid-market organizations say people analytics is important to their growth, with 56% currently mining their HR data to optimize business processes. Why? Because data analytics is becoming a critical competitive advantage, not just a “nice to have.” 

Paycor’s HR and people analytics software enables you to gain deeper insights into important data like turnover, headcount and gender pay equity. You can also gain a holistic understanding of your organization by extracting and compiling key data points across your HR and payroll solutions. And if you’re a leader, our HR analytics tools arm you with the data you need to show the true value your department brings to your organization and identify trends before they become problems.

Analytics Ensure Data Integrity

Make Critical Decisions

Analyzing data and sifting through spreadsheets can be overwhelming. Explore how Paycor’s people analytics software helps you transform complex data into trends and predictions. 

Actionable Insights

Powerful Insights

You don’t have to be a data scientist. We pull data from your Paycor platform, crunch it and provide the answers you need.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Identify New Opportunities

Paycor Analytics provides benchmarking capabilities so you can identify opportunities for improvements and compare against your competition across a variety of data points. 

Trusted People Analytics Solution

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High-impact, Easy-to-Consume Data Insights

Paycor Analytics takes the complexity out of workforce analysis and planning. It all starts with giving HR Leaders what they need: high-impact, easy-to-consume, real-time data insights. Our HR analytics software provides answers to hundreds of pre-built questions about your workforce, populated by your data.

And we take it one step further by offering predictive analytics that helps you better understand what motivates your employees and identifies trends in behaviors. With record employee turnover, HR and business leaders need insights into who is likely to leave, why they’re leaving and what they can do to make them stay.

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Predictive Analytics for Resignations —

Paycor Analytics uses a predictive data model to identify the probability and extent of employee turnover in the next 12 months.

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Transform Data —

HR analytics visualization tools help transform complex data into clear, direct answers.

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Deeper Insights —

From analyzing headcount to monitoring turnover, discover what factors are causing change across your workforce.

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Competitive Advantage —

Leverage competitive workforce data to see how you stack up to your peers.

Make an Impact Today

See how Paycor’s HR analytics tools help you use workforce data to pinpoint problems, make critical business decisions and plan for the future. 

Benchmark Against the Competition + Boost Productivity

Who’s at risk for resigning? Which locations are experiencing the most turnover? Which employees are most likely to leave in the next 12 months? We help you answer the right questions about your workforce with actionable data and predictive analytics.

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Powerful Benchmarking —

See how you stack up against the competition by leveraging EEOC government data that can be filtered and sorted across different parameters.

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Increase Productivity —

Predict absences and resignations, reduce overtime hours, increase productivity and other KPIs based on historical data.

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Analyze Compensation —

Compare compensation across various attributes including department, location and job title to ensure compliance and monitor pay equity.

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Monitor Risk —

Easily identify compliance risks by monitoring trends in overtime, absenteeism, payroll and more.

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“Paycor Analytics helps us identify issues and course correct before problems arise. It allows us to make important decisions that are backed by data, giving associates more transparency and confidence.”

– James P., Senior Manager, Chive Media Group

Intuitive Scheduling

Shareable Reports
HR can automatically schedule and share reports with executives.

Data Driven Decisions

Monitor Turnover
Understand who’s leaving by analyzing trends by department, manager or location.

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