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Compensation Planning Software
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Compensation Planning

Automate Your Compensation Strategy

Seamlessly plan and execute pay increases, bonuses and rewards across your organization. Speak to a representative today, call 855-565-3291.

The Most Flexible Compensation Solution

Get out of the weeds of admin and recordkeeping — once and for all — with Paycor’s compensation solution. When HR leaders automate compensation events in one system, it takes the complexity out of compensation planning. As a result, you can focus on building effective compensation programs that help drive recruiting and retention, eliminating workforce challenges like high turnover and missing out on top talent.

Future Effective Dating

Streamline Compensation Events

Compensation Planning allows you to automate events and collaborate directly with managers to eliminate the hassle of rewarding employees.

Auto Calculate What If Scenario

Eliminate Manual Work

With a fully unified compensation tool, you can manage and execute compensation events, removing manual entry and reducing errors.

Differentiate By Performance

Protect Your Organization

By providing you tools to see pay across different attributes, you can better analyze data to ensure fair pay practices.

Trusted Employee Compensation Solution

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This Is the Key to Effective Compensation Planning

Paycor Compensation Planning empowers HR Leaders and their managers by removing the heavy burden of administering, tracking and executing compensation events. With a single source of truth to manage compensation, you’ll never have to rely on spreadsheets or enter data in multiple places. And because compensation is essential to retain and attract talent, we’ve added automated workflows and guided support tools to help you make more informed decisions about your pay practices while ensuring that salaries, bonuses and employee rewards are equitable and competitive.

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Workflows + Notifications —

Automated workflows and notifications via mobile or desktop allow you to execute your compensation plans anywhere, anytime.

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Mitigate Risk —

Compensation Planning + our robust People Analytics tool help monitor pay equity while analyzing compensation trends.

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Competitive Advantage —

Creating competitive pay practices increases your chances of landing great candidates and motivating top performers.

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Bulk Updates —

Update pay rates for cost-of-living adjustments for multiple employees at once, or recognize workers with an off-cycle raise.

Build Strategic Compensation Programs

See how Paycor automates compensation management so leaders can focus on developing compensation strategies to attract new talent and reward employees.

Take Planning to the Next Level

When it comes to managing compensation, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. With so many types of awards and pay options to recruit and reward employees, HR leaders need a solution that offers customization and flexibility.

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Complete Customization —

Create rules by department, hire date or employee, assigning future dates to reward your people.

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Powerful Insights —

Drill down into specific roles, departments or locations so you can collaborate with managers about pay increases and bonuses.

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Full Visibility —

Create “what-if” scenarios and view compa-ratios to see the impact and distribution across the team before committing to pay increases.

Should You Implement 360 Feedback in Your Workplace?

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Drive Increased Employee Retention by Utilizing Compensation Planning

View our on-demand webinar to see how you can create a compensation strategy that can reduce turnover.



“The single greatest benefit I’ve experienced with Paycor is the time savings. The solutions are extremely easy to navigate.”

Tiffany K., Manager, Seaway Plastics


“The transition to Paycor was smooth. Employees can download one app to clock in, review paystubs and request time off.”

Carrie D., Director of Finance, Christ Community Lutheran School

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Pay and Compensation play a critical role in employee retention and recruitment. Watch our on-demand webinar that covers the topic.

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