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Perspectives+ Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
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Let’s Be Agents of Change, Together

Everyone has a distinct point of view, a unique perspective, from where they sit. How can you use yours to elevate others and create new opportunities at your organization?

Let’s Have Candid Conversations

Let’s Build Trust

Let’s Empower Our Colleagues

Let’s Foster New Leaders

Let’s Hold Each Other Accountable

A Forum for Championing Equality

Perspectives+ is a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative powered by Paycor and you. It’s a place where you can find collaboration tools and resources such as articles, templates, presentations and more that help promote DE&I best practices, with a special focus on promoting women, communities of color, and people from historically marginalized groups.

New DE&I Resources


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How to Effectively Implement a DEI Program

Workplace diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives recognize the value and benefits that differences can bring to the company.

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Perspectives+ Resource Library

A diversity of perspectives makes organizations smarter, stronger…more able to adapt and grow.

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The 10 Qualities of a Good Mentor in a Workplace

Mentors are usually expected to give more general career advice, while coaches tend to focus on specific outcomes. Read to learn more how to become a successful mentor.

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Salary Increase Letter

Notify employees of a pay adjustment with Paycor’s letter template.

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Is Your Business Breaking the Law with Pay Secrecy Policies?

Pay secrecy is illegal in most instances. Could your business be breaking the law with its pay policies? Read Paycor’s article to see if you are in violation.

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5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month at Work

In February we celebrate the achievements, history and culture of African Americans. Read Paycor’s article 5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month at Work.

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15 Lesser-Known Black History Facts

Honoring Black History Month in the workplace helps build community and connection though education. Read Paycor’s article 15 Lesser-Known Black History Facts.

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Women comprise what percentage of senior roles in your organization?

Women comprise what percentage of senior roles in your organization?
Kira Kimball Headshot

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Kira Kimball, MSEd, MA
Chief DE&I Officer, Marsh McLennan Agency

Kira Kimball serves as Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer for Marsh McLennan Agency, where she provides vision and strategy to advance MMA’s diversity, equity & inclusion aspirations.

Companies with more than 30% women on their executive teams are significantly more likely to outperform their competitors.

Source: McKinsey

On-Demand Webinar: Strategies for Integrating Diversity into Your Daily Work

Diversity is often thought of as “one or the other” when in fact, diversity is multidimensional and encompasses many characteristics. Learn strategies on how to drive meaningful conversations that are productive and recognize the value of individual team members. 

How Paycor Can Help

Paycor helps you gain actionable insights for your business. From using Pulse Surveys to gauge employee sentiment to HR and people analytics that can identify trends on turnover, headcount and gender pay equity, Paycor helps leaders create great places to work.

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