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Perspectives+ Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
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Let’s Be Agents of Change, Together

Everyone has a distinct point of view, a unique perspective, from where they sit. How can you use yours to elevate others and create new opportunities at your organization?

Let’s Have Candid Conversations

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A Forum for Championing Equality

Perspectives+ is a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative powered by Paycor and you. It’s a place where you can find collaboration tools and resources such as articles, templates, presentations and more that help promote DE&I best practices, with a special focus on promoting women, communities of color, and people from historically marginalized groups.

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QUIZ: How are DE&I Efforts at Your Organization?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace can lead to increased employee engagement and retention. It can also impact a company’s bottom line. Do you know how DE&I efforts are going in your organization? Take this quick quiz to find out where you stand!

New DE&I Resources


Read Time: 10 min

Fighting Back Against Diversity Fatigue: Strategies to Keep Your Team Engaged and Energized

Understand and manage Diversity/DEI fatigue with effective strategies. Learn how to handle it and sustain progress in creating an inclusive workplace.

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Perspectives+ Resource Library

A diversity of perspectives makes organizations smarter, stronger…more able to adapt and grow.

Read Time: 9 min

The Power of EI: How Emotional Intelligence Makes Good Leaders Better

Being an effective leader requires more than just technical knowledge. Create an environment where everyone can thrive and understand emotions in oneself and others.

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Read Time: 12 min

Championing Women in the Workplace

Women who experienced belittling at work are now stepping up to fight microaggressions. Address the varying challenges of women and together be a champion for business growth.

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Read Time: 8 min

What are Microaggressions and How Do You Prevent Them at Work?

In today’s world, where diversity is valued, it’s important to be aware of these subtle forms of discrimination.

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Read Time: 12 min

The Top 10 Performance Review Biases

Fairness and objectivity must be maintained when conducting job evaluations and reviews. See which performance biases are most common and how to avoid them.

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Read Time: 9 min

Are Your Job Descriptions Driving Away Talent with Unconscious Gender Bias?

Are you checking your job descriptions for gender discrimination? Learn how you can avoid unconscious bias with a few easy steps.

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Read Time: 15 min

How to Craft Employee Benefits Plans for a Multi-Generational Workforce

See what types of benefits might appeal to each generational cohort as you build plans for your workforce.

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Women comprise what percentage of senior roles in your organization?

Women comprise what percentage of senior roles in your organization?
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Read Time: 8 min

Kira Kimball, MSEd, MA
Chief DE&I Officer, Marsh McLennan Agency

Kira Kimball serves as Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer for Marsh McLennan Agency, where she provides vision and strategy to advance MMA’s diversity, equity & inclusion aspirations.

Companies with more than 30% women on their executive teams are significantly more likely to outperform their competitors.

Source: McKinsey

On-Demand Webinar: Understanding Bias and Taking Action

One of the most frustrating things about bias is that many of us are unaware. But, we can become highly effective when we are willing to uncover biases, understand how they impact others and consciously work to eliminate them. In this session, we will explore the types of biases (conscious and implicit), how bias shows up in our workplaces, and how to take action when it occurs. Participants will also review the foundations of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and how emotional intelligence skills can improve recognition of bias within the self and in others.

How Paycor Can Help

Paycor helps you gain actionable insights for your business. From using Pulse Surveys to gauge employee sentiment to HR and people analytics that can identify trends on turnover, headcount and gender pay equity, Paycor helps leaders create great places to work.

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