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Employee Feedback Template

Have more productive conversations with your employees using our customizable feedback template.

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More meaningful feedback = better engagement. Learn how to make it happen.

With so many employees working remotely now, it takes more than an annual conversation to keep them motivated and engaged. And, research proves it. In a recent study, 85% of employees said they would feel more confident if they could have frequent conversations with their managers (TriNet). More feedback equals better engagement and more opportunities to improve. Because leaders have the responsibility to reinforce great behaviors and reverse not-so-good habits, many organizations are re-evaluating reviews and moving to a more continuous feedback model.

Getting started requires a little more than a few calendar invites. You’ll want to have a plan, which is why we’re offering a free downloadable employee feedback template.

What’s in an Employee Feedback Template?

Now that the annual performance review is being replaced by more frequent check-ins, leaders can ask important questions and stay updated on any issues or hindrances. If you haven’t had much practice on this new method, this employee feedback template can give you best practices, recommendations, topics, questions and an overall structure for productive conversations. This feedback template also provides help with weekly, monthly and quarterly feedback meetings.

Best Practices

Knowing when and how to deliver great feedback is critical to a good feedback session. There’s also a correct way to gather feedback from an employees’ peers. Approaching the task with an objective of improving and enhancing performance can frame the experience and ensure the best feedback. Most importantly, make sure you’re not the only one talking. Feedback is a conversation and not a one-way rundown of issues.

Tips for Remote Employee Feedback

Providing feedback to remote employees requires great technology and a heightened level of awareness. To be successful as a remote leader, it’s important to listen to cues and know what motivates, excites and even distracts your employee. Asking the right questions, which are provided in the template can help to get to the information you need and help support your employee to be successful.

Professional Development

Do you know what your employee wants to do next? Asking the right questions about job satisfaction and forward movement can spark conversation about strengths, weaknesses and job tasks that they prefer. Developing a career path for your employee is also a powerful retention and engagement tool. Getting the information about how your employees want to move forward can help you hold them accountable for new skills, projects and training.

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Check-Ins

Questions for 1-on-1s are also included in this feedback template. However, mastering the art of the 1-on-1 only requires a willingness to have an open conversation and exchange with your employee. These meetings allow you to frequently check in on goals as well as gather feedback about your organization as well. When you dedicate time to talk about projects, wins and challenges, you can help better support your employees in their role and enable them to be most productive.

How to Use the Template

There’s more than one way to gather, compile and share feedback with employees, but getting started is the more important step. Take the stress out of preparing for employee evaluation meetings by downloading our free Employee Feedback Template. Use a combination of 1-on-1 meetings, peer reviews, OKRs or other ideas included in the template that will work best for you. The template will help you get organized, provide questions and create the framework for a structured and productive conversation.

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