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New Employee Announcement Email Template [Downloadable]
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New Employee Announcement Email Template [Downloadable]

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Hiring a new employee is exciting but it also brings challenges. It’s up to leaders to make sure that a new hire feels welcome, which isn’t always easy, especially if an employee will be working remotely. To make the onboarding process as smooth as possible, you need the help of your team. Everyone plays a part in welcoming an employee—and it all starts with an employee announcement email.

Why Employee Welcome Announcements are Important

You’ve found the perfect candidate and it’s natural to have high expectations. But you can’t expect to just throw someone into their role and have them figure it out all by themselves. For a new hire to be successfully integrated into your department, you need your current employees to lend a hand.

But your team can’t help out if they don’t know anything about your new employee. That’s why an announcement email is so important. It’s your chance to give everyone the lowdown on who the new hire is and what role they’ll play.

What to Include in a New Employee Announcement Email

The seniority of the new hire will often dictate who gets emailed. For senior roles, a welcome email will be company-wide. For regular hires, though, it’s most important to inform the department in which the employee will be working. There’s a lot you can include:

  • The basics
    It’s obvious, but the most important details of the email are the new hire’s name and start date
  • Their role
    You shouldn’t just state the job title and leave it at that. Explain what the job entails, who they’ll report to and who they’ll be working closely with. If this is a new role, you should explain how it fits within the overall structure of the department.
  • A personal introduction
    You can give the team an idea of what the new hire will bring to the role by listing their work history and a little bit about their skillset. If applicable, you can also reference their education history. You don’t need to leave it to serious stuff, though—you want to introduce someone as a person, not just an employee. Say a little bit about the new hire’s personality, what sport teams they root for and, if possible, a couple of fun facts. (You’ll probably need to reach out to the new hire to get this info, but it’s worth it.)
  • The big picture
    How does this new hire fit in the journey that your team and company are going on? Every new hire is a milestone, and deserves celebration. If you’re expanding, take a moment to celebrate the success of the team who’ve helped to make it happen.
  • Next steps
    Encourage your team members to reach out to the new employee to make them feel welcome. You might choose to CC the new hire on the email, so they can receive welcome messages immediately. This is also the moment to mention any welcome event or after-work drinks you’ve organized.

After Your Email

Onboarding is a process and this email is just one step. Having your whole team welcome the new hire is great, but it’s also good practice to arrange a series of 1:1 introductory meetings so they can develop personal connections with those they’ll be working closely with.

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You don’t get a second chance at a first impression—that’s why giving new hires a great welcome is so important. Writing a great announcement to welcome the employee, giving your team everything they need to know about their future colleague, plays an important part. To help businesses, Paycor is offering a free template.