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CAVU Wealth Management Case Study
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Workforce Management

CAVU Wealth Management Case Study

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Paycor helps CAVU Wealth Management automate payroll for fulltime employees and 1099s.

“I’ve used a lot of payroll companies and it was always difficult to get things done. I like the way Paycor’s software works and its functionality. It’s very easy for someone who’s not an accountant. It only takes me a couple of minutes to run payroll.”

Mike Wynns, president/owner CAVU Wealth Management


San Diego’s CAVU Wealth Management had more 1099 contractors on their payroll than fulltime employees. The problem was each contractor requested a different method of payment. It was a hassle and took a lot of time for owner Mike Wynns to run payroll. And his experience with other payroll companies wasn’t great—their systems were complicated and inefficient.

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HR Pain Point

  • Manual payroll using various methods
  • Inefficient, hard-to-use software

With Paycor

Having been through multiple implementations with different companies, Mike was pleased with the seamless process of Paycor’s implementation. The team was able to extract the information they needed in order to make sure the platform was set up and easy to use, answering all of Mike’s questions along the way. Employees appreciate the convenience of Paycor’s self-service and mobile capabilities. Now, both fulltime and contractors are paid from the same system, making payroll a quick and easy task. 

Solutions & Key Features

  • User-friendly, intuitive software
  • Employee self-service
  • Stress-free tax compliance
  • Real-time payroll reporting
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“I know we’re a simple client, but I got everything I needed—the support and information. It was great.”

Mike Wynns, president/owner CAVU Wealth Management