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The 5 Types of Hourly Workers | Free Download
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The 5 Types of Hourly Workers

An HR Guide to Recruiting & Retention

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Think Hourly Workers Are All Alike?

A 2021 survey of 15,000 blue-collar workers revealed that work schedule,
company culture, opportunities for learning, training, and career advancement
and a general atmosphere of respect are drivers of retention that, together, can
be as important or even more important than money (Voice of the Blue-Collar

But different kinds of workers prioritize different kinds of work experiences
and relationships. Our guide will help you build recruiting & retention strategies that work for each of them.

Download our guide and learn how to:

  • Engage employees who are motivated by work/life balance and a flexible schedule.
  • Retain The Do-er who wants to be heard by management.
  • Recruit high-potential candidates who are motivated by more than money.

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