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HR’s Guide to Internal Recruiting
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Is Your Next Hire Hiding in Plain Sight?

HR’s Guide to Internal Recruiting

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There Are More Jobs than People…

Demographic factors have left us with nearly 3 million fewer workers in the labor force compared to 2020. To grow, organizations must make the most of a smaller pool of talent. Internal recruiting is one way to do that, and it delivers extra benefits.

  • Boosts retention: LinkedIn found employees stay almost 2x longer at companies committed to internal hiring.
  • Saves time & money: External hiring can be 6x costlier than internal recruiting (Josh Bersin).
  • Your competitors are doing it: In 2019, HBR reported only 28% of recruiters valued internal candidates, but by 2023, 75% considered internal recruiting important for future success (LinkedIn).

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  • Build a culture of internal mobility.
  • Avoid the 4 main drawbacks of internal recruiting.
  • Craft custom action plans for your organization.

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