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Managing Your Restaurant in the Aftermath of a Pandemic
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Managing Your Restaurant in the Aftermath of a Pandemic

Managing Your Restaurant in the Aftermath of a Pandemic


In 2019, restaurants and bars had a considerable workforce challenge: Unemployment rates were at a five-year low and minimum wage was on the rise across the U.S. Then 2020 came along and the year-long pandemic made the situation far more disastrous Few industries were harder hit than the restaurant business. But you know that.

The pandemic made typical HR challenges such as hiring, onboarding, training, and managing absenteeism, safety, and compliance exponentially worse. Millions of restaurant workers were furloughed, and thousands of them won’t return to the industry at all You’re also competing with unemployment pay. The situation is so bad that one McDonald’s franchisee in Florida is paying $50 if a candidate will just show up for the interview. (Business Insider)

While the restaurant industry is still reeling, now is the perfect time for a digital makeover so you can build back better.

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