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Sample Open Enrollment Letter

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Why is Open Enrollment so Important?

As open enrollment approaches, you’ve got an important job to do; well, if we’re honest you’ve got several important jobs to do – especially if you are an HR team of one. However, when it comes to notifying employees about their benefits options, excellent communication is critical to ensure your employees have all of the information and feel supported. To help you communicate about open enrollment with your employees, we’ve provided this helpful open enrollment sample letter, and a few tips.

Open enrollment is important for employees because it is the one time each year when they can make selections or change their employer-provided benefits including health insurance, vision and dental insurance, life insurance, flexible spending and disability coverage.

For employers, open enrollment is an important time to highlight the range of employee benefits offerings with your employees. Employee benefits are on the short list of reasons why employees choose to leave a company, 43% according to Pew Research. However, if you are clearly communicating all of the options, you can offer a better view of their total compensation.

How Can Employers Communicate Benefits Information to Employees During Open Enrollment?

Employers can communicate open enrollment information and benefits details in any number of ways. Before open enrollment begins, many employers send letters and booklets via mail, email or use posters in the office or facility to ensure the bases are covered. Because the nature of benefits includes a lot of industry-specific jargon, some employers choose to simplify terms and options for employees with a simplified website, a benefits wizard or through group meetings (virtual or in-person).

Generally, the more communication you can provide upfront about benefits and open enrollment, the better it will be for both you and for your employees.

What is in an Open Enrollment Letter to Employees?

When writing an open enrollment letter, here are 5 things you should include:

  • Timing: Open enrollment periods are often only a few weeks long. Be sure to communicate the time period with employees.
  • Session Information: Many companies host open enrollment sessions to help fully explain the offerings. Be sure to include these details in your letter.
  • Which Benefits are Changing: Ensure employees are aware if they have the option to choose the same benefits from the previous year or if the providers will be changing.
  • Instructions: Describe the process for enrollment, whether that includes forms, selection through a website, or representative.
  • Contact Person: Share the name, email and phone number of the contact person who can help answer questions.

How to Use This Template

Take this one thing off your to-do list. Get a jump start on crafting your open enrollment communication with this provided letter template. This letter includes copy written to employees with steps on how to begin the process, a timeline and who to contact. Simply download the template and make a few edits to customize it for the needs of your organization.

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