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The HR Playbook: 10 Metrics That Prove the Value of HR

Discover the key HR metrics that matter to the C-suite.


HR is sitting on a gold mine of data. But there’s a problem—HR professionals aren’t data scientists and they often lack the support, resources and budget needed to make sense of the data, let alone measure its financial impact.

Paycor reviewed proprietary data from nearly 3,000 customers and found that many standard HR and recruiting metrics are tactical, in that they track project management, or, at most, basic dollar-in, dollar-out cost analysis. The most successful HR teams map people management metrics to business outcomes.

Download our latest playbook to discover:

  • Top challenges that keep the C-suite awake at night
  • 10 key metrics HR teams must track
  • How to calculate each metric
  • Benchmarks to see how you stack up