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New Hire Checklist For Your Employees
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New Hire Checklist

A new hire checklist helps managers and HR to ensure they are taking all the necessary steps to successfully onboard a new employee. A well-thought-out new hire checklist can help new employees settle into their new roles and feel like a part of the team.

Make sure your new hire checklist addresses the following:

  • Facilitate the employee’s integration into the organization and with their department or team. Make sure everyone who will be interacting with them is informed of the new hire and their start date so they can prepare to welcome them. Also, have the new employee’s workspace ready with the equipment and supplies necessary for them to carry out their responsibilities.

  • Lay the foundation for a positive working relationship with the employee. One way to do this is through a welcome email that outlines important information for the new employee including links to online resources (e.g., mission statements, company vision, directory) and what to expect during the onboarding process.

  • Help the employee adjust to their new position and to get up to speed quickly. Assist them in setting up their internal communication channels; have their logins ready before their first day. Set up their training with instructions for logging into your company’s LMS portal.

For more tips on how to create a memorable first impression for new hires, check out our Onboarding Toolkit.

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