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4 Pillars to Building a High Performing Team
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If you want a great team, you have to have a great coach, and a playbook full of tools (mindset, relationships) that bring out the best in your players. By focusing on these 4 areas of development, managers will learn how to think holistically about job performance and give their team the tools to refine their coaching and leadership skills to cultivate a high-performance team. Get the keys to building a high-performing team in our upcoming webinar. Help your managers coach others “up” and foster high performers.

Participants will walk away with:

  • How to execute the 4 Pillars of Success model
  • How to diagnose the root cause of an employee’s shortcomings
  • How to set expectations and hold people accountable


Stacey McKibbin

Stacey McKibbin is the CEO of Consilio, a peak performance execution company that believes having a strong Middle Management Suite is the secret sauce of success. From their world class coaching, training and state of the art AI sales practice portal, Consilio has a proven system that works. Stacey leads her team of zealots by her example of passion and enthusiasm that guides leaders to accelerated success.