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Becoming a Better Manager for Your Neurodiverse (And Neurotypical) Employees
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Together, we’ll discuss strategies that can be tailored to any employee – whether they’re neurodiverse or neurotypical. We’ll discuss the importance of empathy, clear communication, and accommodation.

Plus, attendees will learn practical approaches to adapting management styles, accommodating diverse needs, and harnessing the unique strengths of each team member. By promoting understanding and support for all employees, we can empower managers to create environments where every individual can thrive.


Sammie Kelly

Samantha Kelly serves as Strategic HR’s Senior Sales & Marketing Strategist, managing the inside sales process, social media and online marketing, creative content generation, public relations, and more.

With a passion for storytelling, Samantha enjoys putting the puzzle pieces together to create cohesive and engaging messaging. She is dedicated to serving her team, clients, and candidates with efficiency, excitement, and expediency.

She serves as a frequent speaker for local organizations, often discussing subjects such as job search tips and tricks, talent acquisition best practices, employer branding, generational preferences and research, and more.