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Broker Exclusive: How to Retain 96% of Your Clients
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Broker Exclusive: How to Retain 96% of Your Clients

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You didn’t become a broker because you loved to file paperwork. But nonetheless, processing information and documents is the backbone of your business. Your clients rely on you to get them the best deal with minimal administrative work and little chance of costly mistakes. What’s the secret? Getting rid of your manual process. Make it as simple and streamlined as possible for you and your clients.

In this broker exclusive webinar hosted by Paycor and Employee Navigator you’ll learn how our automated experience gives your clients that crucial payroll integration without the worry of mistakes and fines. In fact, brokers currently using the Paycor and Employee Navigator integration have a 96% client retention rate.

We’re here to help you succeed. During this broker exclusive webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How to quantify the value of payroll integrations for your agency
  • The increased efficiencies you and your clients will experience
  • How payroll integrations can help grow your business
  • An integration overview and how Paycor and Employee Navigator can help

Speakers: Ryan Everett and John Allen

Ryan is the Director of Payroll & Carrier Implementation at Employee Navigator. He’s been with the company for five years and resides in Annapolis, Md. He oversees the Payroll and Carrier teams for new vendor partners looking to integrate on their API or XML exchange, and for current Employee Navigator customers seeking to connect their payroll & EN systems, including Paycor. 

John is the Vice President of National Partnerships at Paycor and has spent most of his career in the benefits and HCM space. He joined Paycor five years ago to help the growing company build its’ channel relationships. As VP, he’s responsible for the growth and development Paycor’s national partnership program.