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Compliance Series: Compliance Reinvented – Fun and Culture-based Mindset
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Most of our clients dread it and don’t see tangible impact. That’s where we can help! Learn to foster a more creative compliance culture – one that will stick!

Melanie Booher and Casey Webster will share creative ideas for organizations to create experiences that spark emotion which results in retention of knowledge, training topics, engagement, and team-building – all in the vein of unifying culture as life-long learning experience.

Embrace fun, engage teammates, experience success!


Melanie Booher

Melanie Booher is a proactive people connector, genuine leader, change agent, culture-champion and entrepreneurial business coach. Her passion lies in generating meaningful change in the areas of HR, People Operations, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Business Strategy and Culture-Shaping.

Melanie utilizes her advanced people prowess and innate knowledge of culture-shaping strategy and tactics to lead to alignment, results and a competitive advantage.

2:00 pm ET, Thursday, June 27, 2024
HRCI & SHRM credit available