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How to Boost Belonging & Wellness with ERGs
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We can attest to that. Paycor has a host of its own ERGs that employees find community in; one of which is MAP or the Mental Health Awareness Project. Because we know how much these can help employees, we want to share our story with you. Join our upcoming webinar to learn our approach to ERGs. We’ll provide you with expert tips on how to launch and run an ERG, so you can create a supportive workplace that promotes mental health awareness for everyone. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn how to make a real difference in your organization.

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • The motivations behind the Mental Health Awareness Project and our inspiring vision and mission.
  • The vital role of ERGs in relation to mental health, and why they’re so important for a positive workplace culture.
  • Practical, expert advice on how to successfully launch and manage an ERG


Jen Frost

Jen started at Paycor in the Tax Services division in 2013 and rose through the ranks from Administrative Assistant to Team Lead over the years. She has been passionate about mental health and leaped at the chance to join the MAP ERG as a founding member. We have been successful in giving our employees a safe place to talk about their mental health difficulties. We have also given them the chance to hear from experts on how to take better care of their mental health.