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Partner Exclusive: EDI Feeds Update
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In this webinar, we’ll discuss EDI feed updates and answer common questions such as:

  • What type of carriers does Paycor connect with via a Benefits Advisor EDI feed?
  • What kind of files does the Benefits Advisor EDI platform NOT set up?
  • Does Paycor have a minimum requirement for EDI feeds?
  • Can I have EDI feeds without the Benefits Advisor product?
  • What needs to happen before EDI can start?
  • What is the timeline for the EDI files?
  • What causes delay in the process?
  • When is peak season?
  • Does the same timeline apply if an EDI feed exists and there’s a carrier change during open enrollment?
  • How does Paycor handle blackout periods?
  • Does Support review discrepancy reports from carriers?
  • What details should I submit on a support case needing a prioritized response?
  • What’s the best way to reach the EDI support team?


Kevin Koenig, Chanelle Williams and Breanna Johnson

Kevin Koenig is the manager of Partner Success Managers and has been at Paycor for 8+ years. During this time, he’s held positions within the Implementation, Client Success, and now Partner Success organizations. His daily focus is to help ensure our referring partners have a strong and healthy partnership with Paycor by working closely with the Partner Care Team and Partner Success Managers. He offers both proactive and reactive resources for our referring partners, with the goal of positively impacting the mutual client relationship.

Chanelle Williams has been with Paycor for 6.5 years. She’s held multiple roles in payroll implementation, customer support and now leads the Benefits EDI implementation team. Her passion is employee development and creating a sense of belonging within her team and Paycor as a whole. Her greatest accomplishment is starting an employee resource group called Colorful Connections. Over the last two years on the EDI team, she has more than doubled the staff, reduced the end-to-end implementation cycle time, and elevated top talent to ensure the team is equipped to handle the complexities of EDI.

Breanna Johnson is the EDI Support Manager. She oversees the daily electronic data interchange activities and strategic direction for the Benefits and 401k/EGL EDI support team. Breanna has an extensive background and knowledge of EDI with 13+ years’ experience. Breanna strives daily to ensure she is taking care of our customers first by listening and setting proper expectations. She aims to always do the right thing for customers to mitigate risk and implement robust automated activities to solve problems, whenever possible.

2:00 pm ET, Thursday, May 2, 2024