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Data Security
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Data Security

In today’s world, data breaches make headlines. eBay, LinkedIn, and Yahoo will all go down in history as some of the largest breaches of the 21st century. HR databases are an ideal target for hackers. They contain critical information bad actors value most including: Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, check stubs, and family information. With hackers collecting more information by the day, it’s important that your HCM provider has the right defenses in place to protect your data.

More than 2.5 Million Users

Our HR solutions support more than 2.5 million users across 50 states.

30+ Years of Experience

Paycor has more than 30 years in the HCM industry.

Best-in-Class Implementation

We provide the hands-on guidance, expert support and tools needed to ensure a seamless transition.

40k+ Businesses

Paycor serves more than 40,000 businesses nationwide.*

Multi-Factor Authorization

This safeguard helps prevent employees from recycling the same password on multiple platforms. To access the database, users are required to enter their username and password and complete a variety of authentication requirements like email, text message, phone call, or biometric identification.

Dedicated Risk Assessment Team

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. Paycor has a dedicated team that performs vulnerability scans and penetration tests across our entire network. We also rotate third-party software companies to perform software scans on our network twice per year.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Paycor’s servers and networks are stored in enterprise-class data centers that can detect patterns and signatures of malicious activity. Our infrastructure is fully redundant with continuous live backups ensuring data consistency and reliability.

Industry-Leading Encryption

Paycor encrypts every endpoint where customer data is stored. This includes disk level encryption to prevent files from being transferred from a company laptop or server if the device is stolen. Paycor also encrypts data at the file level to prevent online database breaches.7

Minimize your risk and stay ahead of the curve

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