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A Sexual Harassment Avoidance Program
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A Sexual Harassment Avoidance Program

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In 2018, the number of workplace sexual harassment claims hit a 10-year high. With more attention from the #MeToo movement and heavily enforced state and federal regulations, employers are wondering how they can not only protect their business but their employees as well.

In this webinar, Peter Newman, a labor and employment attorney, will provide a 14-step action plan designed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Speaker: Peter Newman

Peter Newman is a “switch hitting” employment lawyer representing both employers and employees in all areas of employment law and related litigation. Peter has extensive experience with NLRB and Ohio SERB representation and unfair labor practice matters. In addition, Peter is a corporate compliance & ethics practitioner who helps clients develop and implement effective corporate compliance programs. In response to #MeToo, Peter is focused on protecting companies from litigation, but, more importantly, eliminating sexual harassment in their workplaces.