Posted on November 13, 2015

human resources payroll software

Investing in new HR and payroll software that powers your people processes doesn’t have to be daunting and confusing. Here are four key topics to consider when making major purchase decisions:

1. Features and functionality

What features do you really need? Assess the HR and payroll needs of your organization to determine what key functions the software will need to perform. Bring together leaders and end users to discuss your current HR processes, such as benefit open enrollment, and how they could be automated or improved. These discussions will help outline your true needs.

2. Access to the software and your provider

Weigh the pros and cons of installing software on your organization’s computers or using a cloud-based solution. One of the benefits of cloud-based HR and payroll software is that users can access it securely from anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection.

Consider your access to the HR and payroll provider as well. Determine how easy it is to establish a personal connection with training and support professionals. Ask if you will have a single point of contact—someone assigned specifically to help you—or whether you will need to call or email a helpdesk. Personal interaction can greatly reduce the stress of implementation, as well as future issues once you’re up and running.

3. Flexibility

The only constant is change, so how adaptable is the new solution you’re considering? Think about your organization’s current unique needs and its future potential. How often are new features added to the software? Will you be able to suggest your own ideas for new features? More importantly, will your suggestions be taken into consideration?

Also think about scalability. If your business grows or shrinks, will the software solution still be appropriate, or will you need to seek yet another new option?

4. Your provider relationship

When you make this purchase, you won’t commit only to the technology, but to the provider as well. So do your homework on the company itself, not just the solution.

Research the provider’s financial stability, which is an indicator of whether the software is likely to be supported and updated for the foreseeable future. Also, take a look at whether the developer caters to particular industries. If so, what strengths and weaknesses might that mean for your organization?

Lastly, examine your relationship with your provider’s sales representative. If he or she isn’t fluent in the product and its benefits to your organization’s big picture, it’s probable that your onboarding process with the new provider won’t meet your expectations. Ask specific, detailed questions to be sure you’re getting real information, not just a sales pitch.

Purchasing new software is a major decision! For more help, *download this free HR and payroll Buyer’s Guide to simplify the process and ensure the best fit for your organization.