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Boost Your Offer Acceptance Rates with 5 Easy Steps
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Boost Your Offer Acceptance Rates with 5 Easy Steps

Offer Rejections Are the Mostly Costly Pitfall in Recruiting

The field of recruiting and hiring is filled with metrics. Time to hire,

cost to hire, days to offer, qualified candidates per opening, retention

rates, sourcing channel… the list goes on. All of these benchmarks are

important to track and serve as great indicators for the overall

performance of your hiring efforts. However, these numbers mean nothing

if you can’t convert on one key metric – offer acceptance rate. Think

about it, days to offer means nothing if no one is accepting those

offers. You can’t even track time to hire if you aren’t making hires.

Additionally, a poor offer acceptance rate is the number one red flag

for inefficiency. As a recruiter or hiring manager, the majority of your

time and resources are spent finding the ideal candidate. Considering

this, having that ideal candidate turn down your job offer at the last

minute not only hurts on a personal level, but it is also one of the

most costly pitfalls in recruiting.

Offer Acceptance Strategies Should Be Built Into the Entire

Recruitment Process

For these reasons, it is absolutely vital that you build steps into your

recruitment process to develop a certain amount of control and certainty

over the acceptance of your job offer. This starts from the beginning,

with the initial communication to your candidate, and it doesn’t end

until your candidate’s first day. Throughout this entire period, you

need to make sure that you are collecting all of the right information

and re-affirming it with the candidate along the way. Doing so allows

you to gauge their interest level, realize their motivators, and

identify anything that they may be getting hung up on. Understanding all

of this guarantees that you leave no stone unturned and enables you to

avoid any surprises in the job offer stage. Below, we provide 5 secrets

for how you can easily go about building offer acceptance strategies

into your own recruitment process.

Step-by-Step Guidelines on the 5 Secrets for Boosting Your Offer

Acceptance Rate

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Guest Post by Danny Madigan, Marketing Associate