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Hiring Manager Intake Form
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Hiring Manager Intake Form

This form helps recruiters understand expectations during the screening process.

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Ensure Everyone Is on the Same Page

Is there a gap in your organization’s hiring process?

It might be time to re-evaluate your recruitment plan. But, we’ve got great news – you can get alignment between the recruiting team and your hiring managers with our intake form. Start capturing the best potential candidates today!

What Is the Hiring Manager Intake Form?

The hiring manager intake form is a questionnaire that provides you with a simple and structured methodology for keeping your hiring managers actively involved in the recruiting process. Think of it as checklist prior to takeoff that will accomplish two goals:

  1. Facilitate the intake meeting or conversation needed to scope the role and so that recruiters can create a sourcing strategy.
  2. Set expectations of you, your hiring manager, and the role that each of you will be held accountable for.
  3. Gather necessary information about salary range, expectations, and the ideal profile for potential candidates.

Why Use a Hiring Manager Intake Form?

The secret of every great salesman is a deep understanding of their product. In recruiting, your product is the job that you are hiring for. A great hiring manager must be very knowledgeable about the position. This will be evident in the conversations that you have with candidates and will allow you to tell a far more compelling story.

Furthermore, effectively communicating a role to candidates and answering any questions that they may have removes the doubt and perceived risk in their mind. By removing your candidate’s uncertainty, you are simultaneously removing your own uncertainty about whether or not they will accept a job offer. Everything has already been laid out on the table and you can get a fair read on how your candidate is feeling. After all, you don’t want to be left at the altar because of some last-minute doubts.

What are the Benefits of Using a Hiring Manager Intake Form?

Clarity and communication are critical during the recruiting process. You need to define the ideal candidate profile early on and lock down a hiring strategy so that you aren’t chasing a moving target. Without the appropriate information, you will attract the wrong candidate for the position. Additionally, taking too long to select a candidate could cost you great talent. According to recent research by JobVite, 85% of companies say their average hiring time is four weeks or less. However, the top prospect candidates are off the market in 10 days. (Builtin.com) A hiring manager intake form process will help you create a solid foundation of understanding about what qualities the ideal candidate should possess.

How to Use Paycor’s Hiring Manager Intake Form

The goal is always to hire the best but how can you hire the best if you haven’t defined what a quality candidate is? Using the hiring manager intake form gives you a definitive candidate criterion so that you can be laser-focused in your search for that next great hire. This will increase retention rates because your new hires are self-selecting into the job. They aren’t being sold on a job that they won’t actually be doing.

The best way to use this form is by conducting an intake meeting with the hiring manager and others who will work closely with the person who will take the role. The questions are designed to help recruiters get a full picture of what is required and understand the expectations of the candidate.

Fill out the form online or simply print it and share with your hiring team.

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