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Time to leave your PEO: How Can Paycor Help
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Paycor vs. a PEO

Is it time to leave your PEO? How can Paycor help? Let’s find out.

Download Paycor’s PEO Info Pack

What do you get when choosing Paycor vs. a PEO?

Some small companies outsource their HR services, including health and retirement benefits, to Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), essentially “leasing” their workforce to the PEO. While PEOs do offer some benefits, there are significant drawbacks like hidden fees, overpaying for workers comp, and a negative effect on company culture.

With Paycor, you’re in complete control of your company’s HR and payroll. Instead of a costly, disjointed experience with a PEO, you’ll have access to customizable solutions that help keep you compliant—all through seamless connectivity between you, your broker, and us.

If you’re ready to take control of your company’s Payroll, HR, and Benefits, download this PEO kit to learn:

  • Why you should leave a PEO
  • A checklist of items to consider when leaving a PEO
  • What you get with Paycor vs. a PEO

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