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April Virtual Summit – Trends and Best Practices for Measuring Manager Effectiveness
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Discover the essential metrics you should be measuring, including those readily available in Paycor, to gauge the effectiveness of your managers. Plus, gain valuable insights from the Visier research team as they share key findings to empower your decision-making process.

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Andrea Derler and Thera Martens

Andrea Derler, PhD., is Visier’s Principal of Research and Value, where she collaborates with Visier’s team of data scientists, People Analytics experts as well as HR professionals to help produce data based and practical insights for organizations.
As a previous human capital analyst and organizational researcher, Andrea brings a research, science and consulting background to her role. In the past 10 years, she studied a variety of topics including leadership strategy and development, talent and performance management, DEI, organizational change and transformation, and organizational growth mindset in organizations.
Her work is widely publicized in the US and Europe, and her contributions have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Chief Learning Officer, FastCompany, Wall Street Journal, Deloitte Review, FORMAT, the Leadership & Organizational Development Journal, and more.

Thera runs Partner and Embedded Marketing for Visier. She has over 15+ years in SaaS marketing experience and has 5+ years in HR management consulting.
Thera has had the pleasure of working with the Paycor team for over 4 years!
When Thera is not at Visier she spends her time running, snowboarding and playing squash.