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Mind the Gap: Recruiting & Retaining to Fill Important Hiring Shortages 5004
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As the country rebounds from the pandemic, front-line workers are continuing to battle stress and burnout. Increased competition means that some are leaving for other jobs, while others are abandoning the industry completely. Healthcare organizations, in particular, are facing high staffing shortages while the demand for care continues to increase.

This webinar addresses what is driving the staffing shortage today, predictions for the future while also providing tangible ways to empower your frontline leaders to drive culture change and ultimately impact employee retention and attract new employees.


Katy Bunn

The SVP, Leaders and Industry Growth

Katy Bunn is the SVP, Leaders and Industry Growth at Paycor, an HCM company with a mission of empowering leaders to build winning teams. At Paycor, Katy is responsible for the company-wide Leader strategy and the cross-functional Healthcare Program. Recently, Katy helped Paycor on their road to becoming a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq. Katy is passionate about uncovering what motivates and engages employees while helping companies unlock the power of their frontline leaders to inspire a company culture that drive employee retention and attracts talent.