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The Augmented Workforce: Paycor’s Approach to Human-Centered AI
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How do you think about and plan for a technology with such disruptive potential?

In this session, we aim to answer these questions by sharing Paycor’s approach to AI. Katy Bunn (Senior Vice President, Strategy) and Timothy O’Neill (Senior Director, Engineering & Data Science) will explain how Paycor is building and planning for the AI-augmented workforce.

We’ll end with practical advice you can apply to your own organization and an AMA with our expert speakers.


Katy Bunn and Tim O'Neill

Katy Bunn is the SVP, Leaders and Industry Growth at Paycor, an HCM company with a mission of empowering leaders to build winning teams. At Paycor, Katy is responsible for the company-wide Leader strategy and the cross-functional Healthcare Program. Recently, Katy helped Paycor on their road to becoming a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq. Katy is passionate about uncovering what motivates and engages employees while helping companies unlock the power of their frontline leaders to inspire a company culture that drives employee retention and attracts talent. Prior to joining Paycor, Katy spent seven years in advertising at Empower Media Marketing and Northlich. Katy resides in Cincinnati, OH with her husband and three children.

Timothy O’Neill is Senior Director of Engineering & Data Science at Paycor, operating remotely from Sarasota, FL.  He leads 17 development teams building and supporting all HR, Talent and AI products across the suite with heavy alignment to Paycor’s mission around Empowering Leaders.  Tim also serves as a co-leader for AI strategy across the enterprise with focus on customer-facing applications, internal efficiency opportunities, emerging technical solutions and community education.  He is also a former professional violinist and maintains a YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/@NeoPlaysViolin) in his spare time.