Here’s to a great year!

Here’s to a great year!

Thank you for allowing us to serve your payroll and other employee administration needs. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our products tremendously, to include Time and Attendance, HR, Applicant Tracking, Learning Management, Benefit Administration and more. But with payroll at our core, I wanted you to personally know we have already been in full prep-mode for calendar year-end. Our aim to make it as smooth as possible for you and everyone in your organization. Please let us know if you have any questions or special circumstances as we approach the last quarter of the year.

As we look forward, we also have had a chance to reflect. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last 12 months to a goal that’s part of our DNA…putting clients first. That founding principle continues to drive our business today. Here’s a recent blog post that recaps some of the key decisions and investments we’ve made this year to ensure your success in the future.

Here’s to a great year for you and your team. Everyone at Paycor, and myself personally, appreciates having you as our client.

Thank you for your continued loyalty,

Stacey Browning