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Manage the growing compliance complexities in higher education.

Higher education faces its own unique payroll and administrative challenges with vastly different employee groups to serve. Paycor’s HR & Payroll technology and expertise can help. We’ve worked with higher education organizations for more than 20 years and have the products to streamline your HR process while working alongside your campus management system.

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Modern HR & Payroll Technology

The HR & Payroll limitations of most student information systems require administrators to spend way too much time on tedious tasks (like repetitive data entry), instead of focusing on attracting top faculty and managing labor costs. Paycor’s modern HR & Payroll tools drive productivity in a variety of ways: first, Paycor dramatically reduces compliance risk. Paycor Recruiting and Paycor HR together helps you recruit and retain top talent. And Paycor’s deep knowledge and expertise of the higher education landscape helps you solve problems and grow.

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Payroll & Tax Software

Hiring Compliance

Many schools are hiring adjuncts all over the country to teach online classes and now have the burden of tax concerns in multiple states. Combined with the regular turnover of student workers, this leaves colleges and universities vulnerable to compliance risk. Paycor’s reliable tax expertise and hiring compliance removes that liability.

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Onboarding a Variety of Roles

From full-time professors to maintenance workers, higher education brings diverse employee populations together under one roof. Student workers have different tax implications based on whether they’re in class or not. Adjuncts have different contracts. Paycor’s Onboarding solution streamlines the process, maintaining electronic records of all agreements. And our Payroll solution ensures everyone is paid accurately and on time.

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Scheduling Software For Education

Efficient Staff Scheduling

Ensuring that all your employees are always where you need them requires powerful scheduling software. Paycor’s work schedule maker makes it possible to quickly and easily create optimized, efficient schedules which balance business requirements and employee preferences. As soon as schedules are published, employees are informed through Paycor Scheduling’s powerful mobile app.

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Paycor Knows Higher Education

Higher Education
Higher Education

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Higher Education
Higher Education
Higher Education

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Higher Education

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