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Our platform modernizes the way you manage people, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop talent to the way you pay and retain them, and build company culture. Whatever your people management goals are, we’ll help you accomplish them with the right technology and the best support and thought leadership.

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Paycor Onboarding

Improve Employee Engagement

Drive connections with new hires before they even arrive for their first day with company information, handbooks and other policies.

Get Out of the Weeds of Manual Paperwork

Stop wasting valuable time filing and hunting down employee paperwork; with Paycor Onboarding, new hires can complete their information and maintain important employee documents in one online location.

Identify Hiring Tax Credits

Discover which credits can positively impact your federal tax liability and save money.

Maintain Compliance

Paycor electronically reviews important documents like I-9s and W-4s so you don’t have to worry about federal and state compliance.

A Core HR Solution

Tired of switching between multiple platforms to import employee data? Paycor integrates all employee data across your suite of solutions, so you’ll never have to switch platforms, log-in to multiple systems, re-key information or open several spreadsheets.

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Paycor HR

Maintain Employee Records

Don’t get bogged down with administrative recordkeeping. With Paycor HR, you can manage all employee tasks and documents in one solution.

Unlimited, Automated Workflows

Automate nearly any task and simplify everyday requests and updates with our unlimited workflows feature.

Empowering Employee Self-Service

The power to complete routine tasks is in the hands of your employees. Everything from signing documents to completing performance reviews, to updating professional and personal goals.

Modernize Performance Management

Develop and manage employee evaluations with customizable online forms, weighted scoring and side-by-side feedback.

Paperless Document Filing & Signature

Tired of managing paper documents across multiple systems and spreadsheets? With Paycor you can share and file documents through our cloud-based system. Our Forms and Document Library automate the tedious, manual tasks associated with document management.

Access Real-Time Analytics

Access easy-to-understand, real-time insights about your workforce and turn complex data sets into trends, predictions and impactful benchmarking to locate issues and solve problems.

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Paycor Benefits Advisor

Employee Satisfaction

Self-service functionality allows employees to easily adjust their profiles for major life events that trigger workflows through the platform and even to carriers.

Automated Workflows

Our rules-based platform streamlines common business processes. We remove repetitive admin work by simplifying open enrollment, optimizing the new hire/rehire process and providing automated alerts and reminders.

Actionable Insights

Our robust reporting engine and interactive dashboards take data analytics to the next level. Benefits Advisor helps you better understand what employees value and enables you to develop a comprehensive benefits strategy that addresses the needs of your employees and stakeholders.

Drive Efficiency

With a robust collection of existing EDI connections, Benefits Advisor can quickly and accurately deliver enrollment and change data to virtually all major insurance carriers. Managing benefits is easier for administrators through our partnership with WageWorks, a consumer-directed benefits provider.

Platform Flexibility

The user-friendly platform was designed to meet the unique needs of businesses by offering greater flexibility and a better employee experience.

Streamline Open Enrollment

The Open Enrollment Wizard guides administrators step-by-step through the design, set-up and execution of your event.

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Compensation Management

Compensation Planning

Create a strong compensation strategy that reduces turnover and aids in finding the right talent. By automating compensation events in one system and taking the complexity out of planning, HR leaders can focus on rewarding and retaining employees.

Automate Compensation Events

Automate workflows, create approver and event notifications and access robust collaboration tools to enhance the user experience. Admins can generate Employee Notification Letters directly from the tool.

Fully Customizable

Admins can create assignments and launce rules by department, hire date or specific employees. Create future effective dating, add or remove employees from a plan and even set approver hierarchy for additional guidance.

Make Informed Decisions

Users can create “what-if” scenarios, see calculations before committing to actual figures, tie compensation to performance and view compa-ratios for each employee. When paired with Paycor Analytics, admins and managers can analyze compensation across various attributes including department, location and job title to ensure compliance and monitor pay equity.

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Paycor Pulse

Go Beyond Average Employee Engagement

Uncover exactly how engaged your workforce is feeling at any given time with Paycor Pulse. Because traditional surveys are a lagging indicator for problems, you need a solution that can keep employee sentiment top of mind, all the time.

Comprehensive HR Strategy

How can you develop high trust leaders that your employees can have confidence in? Paycor Pulse gives you important data and analysis you need to build and maintain a high-trust culture.

Cultivate Leaders Who Listen

If you want positive employee experiences, you need to listen to employee concerns. This will add value to the experience and help retain high performers and attract new talent.

Know What Matters Most

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution can uncover important trends and insights including large variances and concerning outliers to quickly turn raw data into action plans, leading to informed decisions.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Your employees need to trust every decision your leadership team makes. And when you ground your decisions in data, along with their concerns and input, they feel comfortable, valued and heard.

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A Best-in-Class Implementation Experience

With GUIDE Elite Pro, you receive an unrivaled level of personalized service to make implementation stress free.

During the implementation process your project manager will review your unique needs and challenges and offer expert guidance to ensure a successful implementation.

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Our HCM solutions support more than 2 million people across all 50 states. Quickly and easily engage employees and drive efficiencies with Paycor’s intuitive HR, Benefits and Onboarding software.

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Paycor is committed to giving business leaders the technology and expertise they need to solve problems and achieve their goals. When customers reach out, we deliver responsive, personalized care. We use a skills-matching method so that customers always get connected to exactly the right person who can handle their inquiry, big or small.

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Thought Leadership

With the right tools and support, we believe there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Whatever your HR challenges are, we’ll help you solve them with technology that works for your particular situation. We’ll also keep you up-to-date with thought leadership on tax compliance trends and best practices.

Trusted by users and third party evaluators.

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