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Hire the Right People
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Find and Hire the Right People

Reduce Turnover, Improve the Candidate Experience & Stay Compliant

Most applicant tracking systems save you time. Paycor Recruiting does so much more. And when combined with Onboarding, it can significantly reduce turnover.

One reason you may be experiencing high turnover is that you’re not finding and hiring the right people. Paycor Recruiting helps organizations optimize the hiring process, get everyone on the same page, and find those “needles in a haystack.”

Key Product Features:

The Gravity app is an easy-to-use employee referral system that allows you to leverage the social media networks of employees. Find quality candidates by making it simple for employees to share job openings and for employers to track and reward referrals. (And that’s important, because 48% of businesses say their highest-quality hires come from employee referrals, according to a global study by LinkedIn.)

Interview Guides and Scorecards improve new hire quality by allowing you to better prepare your team for interviews while also automating how you collect their feedback. Promote consistency in the hiring process by taking a more strategic and objective approach to evaluating candidates.

Echo, a tracking tool for busy hiring managers and executives who don’t have time to log in to their applicant tracking system. With Echo, your team can update an individual’s recruiting status by simply responding to email. You can capture interview feedback, approve jobs and offers all using email. No login required.

Key Benefits:

Reduce Turnover
Build a strong candidate pipeline and improve employee engagement before day one. Create customized welcome messages and upload important documents so employees feel prepared and informed before their first day on the job.

Smart, Optimized Workflows
Intuitive workflows make recruiting and onboarding easier than you ever thought possible. Reduce manual paperwork and increase efficiency. Eliminate multiple data entries with the unified transfer of candidate information between Paycor solutions.

Seamless Candidate Experience
Capture more candidates and avoid drop-off with a responsive, custom, mobile-friendly job site. Collect the right information and stay compliant. A smart candidate profile integrates through the rest of the Paycor platform, so there’s no re-keying.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting
Drive business decisions in real-time with powerful analytics. Quickly view metrics, see where your best candidates originate, find bottlenecks and catch missed opportunities.

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