Human Resources Managers

The mix of benefits employers offer to their workforce can impact turnover rates.

We can help you manage your employees proactively with HR software that’s easily integrated and easy to use.

You need to contribute to your company’s bottom line. That means providing strategic insights, getting proactive with people management and staying vigilant on compliance. Paycor is your solution. In our software, you’ll find an organized and simplified system that works the way you do. Our focus is on people management, which means performance reviews, transferring of knowledge, and retention are all core to what we offer. Through support and training, our veteran team can assure that implementation happens smoothly—so your staff can hit the ground running. Use our online Solution Finder and allow us to instantly recommend HR software that meets the unique needs of your organization.

How Do You Attract and Retain Talent?

Everyone is chasing the same talent. That includes the ones you already have on staff. With unemployment at record lows, you need a way to keep your pipeline full. Even more important, you need to assure that those hired want to stay. Lean on our intuitive technology and in-house expertise. Upgrade your hiring with Paycor’s applicant tracking system. Provide new hires a warm welcome, free of paperwork or policy acknowledgements. Then invest in their growth. Training and educating your employees leads to an engaged staff. With Paycor's Learning Management System. you can create self-paced training that is accessible via desktop or mobile.

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The C-Suite Is Hungry for Data, and HR Managers Need to Provide It.

In our surveys, we found that two-thirds of CFOs weren’t happy or even aware of how HR contributes to the bottom line. It’s no surprise that about 43% of HR teams are not a part of their organization’s cost management at all. The problem is that many organizations don't have easy access to their data. If they can't access the data they can’t create meaningful and shareable reports. Change that with Paycor’s Reporting, Workforce Insights, and industry expertise. These tools provide deeper insights into turnover, headcount, overtime, gender pay equity, and more. Extract and compile key data points across your HR, payroll and time solutions. Gain support as you provide a holistic understanding of your organization.

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Staying Ahead of the Curve In an Ever-Changing Industry.

Revisions in compliance can leave you with hefty fines. Changing trends in people management can leave you with an unengaged, unproductive workforce. You need a partner that can deliver insights before it's too late. With access to Paycor’s skills and expertise, you will be among the first to know of new or updated regulations. Plus, with HR & Benefits, you will have the power to react with minimal manual effort. We continue to streamline administration through regular product updates. And, all changes come in direct response to customer and employee feedback and following marketplace trends.

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