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Manufacturers are on the front lines, providing equipment and essential products to keep people and communities safe. But industry-specific pressures like supply chain disruptions and decreased demand are putting manufacturers at risk. Four out of five expect the pandemic will have a financial impact on their business.

During times of uncertainty, you need an HR provider to help guide you through the crisis so you can focus on your people. Use our Solution Finder to get a custom HR solution that meets the unique needs of your facility.

Recruiting and Retaining Skilled Talent

Eighty percent of manufacturers are concerned about meeting workforce demands over the next 5 years.[1] Paycor’s ATS was designed by recruiting professionals for HR hiring teams, so it actually thinks and behaves like a recruiter. But what’s the point of attracting top talent if they don’t stick around? Engage new hires right away and dramatically reduce paperwork with Paycor’s Onboarding platform.

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[1] Tooling U-SME Millennial survey, 2018

The Skills Deficit

Faced with a tough labor market, manufacturers have been forced to bring in less qualified people. That’s why learning management systems are more important now than ever. Paycor can help you keep employees certified, manage performance and talent reviews, and keep up with training and development.

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Reporting and Compliance

Manufacturers spend an estimated $192 billion annually to comply with economic, environmental, tax, and workplace safety regulations. Human resources professionals in the manufacturing industry need all the help they can get managing not only these regulations, but also the administrative burdens of ensuring their teams are up-to-date on safety training. Paycor can help your organization avoid costly compliance errors. We also offer learning management software that enables training departments and HR teams to collaborate, author, distribute, and track web-based courses.

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