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Miscellaneous Fees
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Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees

Description Proposed Fee UOM 
Payroll – Minimum Bill $100.00 Per Month 
Payroll – Seasonal Minimum Bill $50.00 Per Month 
Perform Time – Minimum Bill $50.00 Per Month 
Adjustment Pay Run Charge $50.00 Per occurrence 
Tax Code Missing Account Number $25.00 Per occurrence 
W-2C $75.00 Per W2 
W-2 Reprint $20.00 Per W2 
Lost Client – Year End Fee $75.00 Per Payroll 
Rollback $100.00 Per occurrence 
Amended Returns $150.00 Per Return 
Reopen Books $400.00 Per occurrence 
Year End Processing $125.00 Per occurrence 
Copy Check $20.00 Per Check 
EFT Reissuance $25.00 Per occurrence 
Non-sufficient funds – Service Fees $30.00 Per occurrence 
Non-sufficient funds – Payroll Funding $110.00 Per occurrence 
Stop Payment $20.00Per occurence 
ACH Return $15.00 Per occurrence 
Checks Cleared Early $25.00 Per occurrence 
Wire Fee & Reverse Wire Fee $40.00 Per occurrence 
Bank Fee Notification Change $15.00 Per occurrence 
Centralized Direct Deposit Reversal $40.00 Per occurrence 
Late Fees $15.00 Per occurrence 
One Time Additional Report $1,000.00 Per occurrence 
401KEDI Format Change $350.00 Per occurrence 
Electronic GL Format Change $350.00 Per occurrence 
Returned Clock Restocking Fee $50.00 Per Clock 
Delivery-Direct Meter and Mail $0.70Per Envelope
Delivery-Mail$3.50Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS 2 Day AM$12.00Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS Blue 2 Days$12.00Per Parcel
Delivery-Courier$12.50Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS Saver$17.00Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS Red$22.00Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS Shipping Reconciliation2VariesMonthly
Additional State/Local Tax Authorities – M/SM $4.00 Per Process/Authority 
Additional State/Local Tax Authorities – BW $2.00 Per Process/Authority 
Additional State/Local Tax Authorities – W $1.00 Per Process/Authority 
Zero Return State/Local Taxing Authorities $25.00 Per occurence/Quarter 

1. All Items and fees in the above table are subject to change as determined by Paycor

2. Delivery costs are based on the delivery method, size and weight of package