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Miscellaneous Fees for Payroll and Delivery
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Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees





General Fees
401(k) Integration1Maintenance fee for 401K integration$25 Per Month
Account Closure Convenience FeePer contact language client must provide a 30-day notification prior before terminating with Paycor. In the event client wishes to terminate before the end of this period this fee shall apply. Fee is based on the average of the past three months of service fees. Calculation excludes one-time, annual, and miscellaneous fees.VariesFixed Fee
ACH Return Charged when money is returned due to an incorrect routing or account number$50.00Per Occurrence
Amended Tax ReturnsA change is required to correct a tax filing$175.00Per Return
Bank Fee Notification ChangeCharged for incorrect bank account information associated with a specific payment (Client or employee)$50.00Per Occurrence
Benefits EDI Connections1Maintenance fee for Benefits EDI Connection$50 Per Connection Per Month
Check CopyClient requests a copy of a check$30.00Per Check
Checks Cleared EarlyClient is cashed prior to the effective check date$30.00Per Occurrence
Check Signing Charged to keep the client’s signature on file and use on a check$66.00One Time Fee
Check LogoCharged to add the client’s company logo to a check$60.00One Time Fee
Direct Deposit Recall FeeClient requests recall of direct deposit more than 5 business days after check date$150.00Per Occurrence
Direct Deposit ReversalClient requests a direct deposit be reversed$45.00Per Occurrence
EFT Trace FeeClient requests trace of electronic funds transfer (EFT)$30.00Per Occurrence
Electronic General Ledger1Maintenance fee for EGL integration$25Per Month
EnvelopesCharged when purchasing from Paycor$51.00
600 Envelopes
1,200 Envelopes
1,800 Envelopes
2,400 Envelopes
3,000 Envelopes
6,000 Envelopes
Expedited Clock Shipping FeeCharged when client requested expedited shipping of time clockCurrent Shipping Rates + Expedited FeePer Parcel
Late Payment FeeCharged for late payment on an invoice$15.00Per Occurrence
Late Processing FeeCharged for processing payroll 1 day before check date or 2 days before check date but after 3PM local time based on Client’s billing address$50.00Per Process
Non-sufficient Funds – Service Fees Auto Debit FeeCharged when the Client’s invoice for service fee debit is returned$35.00Per Occurrence
Non-sufficient Funds – Payroll FundingCharged when the Client’s impound for payroll liabilities is returned$125.00Per Occurrence
Non-sufficient Funds – Tax FundingCharged when the Client’s impound for tax liabilities is returned$125.00Per Occurrence
One-Time Additional ReportClient requests a payroll and or tax report from 1 to 7 years or request employee reports through file drop$1,000.00Per Occurrence
Pay Run AdjustmentClient makes a correction to a completed pay run and processes an adjustment run$60.00Per Occurrence
Reopen Book FeeClient requests an additional pay run or adjustment after their last pay run of the year$500.00Per Occurrence
Returned Clock Restocking FeeCharged when the Client does not return a rented clock$50.00Per Clock
RollbackClient needs to make a payroll correction that requires the pay run to be reversed and resubmitted$150.00Per Occurrence
Same Day ACHThe Client’s check date is the same date as the day they process payroll$200 + $3/Check Per Processing
Stop PaymentClient requests to stop payment on a check$25.00 Per Occurrence
Tax Code Missing Account NumberClient does not provide a tax account number for Paycor to file and pay taxes on their behalf$50.00Per Occurrence
Tax Exception Filing FeeCharged when an exception is required to successfully file an original tax return due to client tax correction. Any penalties, interest or other fees the taxing jurisdiction imposes are not covered by this charge and the client is responsible for paying those fees.$175.00Per Return
Tax ID Registration Fee2Client requests that Paycor register for new or missing State Withholding, Unemployment, Paid Family Leave, and Local Account numbers on their behalf.$250.00Per Tax Authority
Wire FeesCharged to wire funds instead of using ACH$55.00Per Occurrence
Additional State/Local Tax Authorities
Additional State/Local Tax Authorities – BW More than one state and/or local taxing jurisdiction when running a payroll$2.00Per Process/Authority 
Additional State/Local Tax Authorities – W More than one state and/or local taxing jurisdiction when running a payroll$1.00Per Process/Authority 
Additional State/Local Tax Authorities – M/SM More than one state and/or local taxing jurisdiction when running a payroll$4.00Per Process/Authority
Zero Tax ActivityHas an active tax jurisdiction with zero dollars of activity during a quarter$25.00Per Occurrence/Quarter
Delivery Fees
Delivery-CourierPackage/item send via mail$15.50Per Parcel
Delivery-Direct Meter & MailPackage/item send via mail$1.50Per Envelope
Delivery-MailPackage/item send via mail$4.50Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS GroundPackage/item send via mail$15.75Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS 2 Day AMPackage/item send via mail$15.95Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS Blue Two DaysPackage/item send via mail$15.85Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS Next Day SaverPackage/item send via mail$20.50Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS Red Next DayPackage/item send via mail$25.50Per Parcel
Delivery-UPS Shipping ReconciliationCharged when additional delivery charges are added to a packageVariesMonthly
Split PackagingCharged when delivery is split into multiple shipping destinations$25.00Per Split
Minimum Billing Fees
Benefits Advisor – Minimum Bill3Client is not processing or does not meet the minimum threshold$99.00Per Month
Benefits Advisor Pro – Minimum Bill3Client is not processing or does not meet the minimum threshold$199.00Per Month
Paycor Learning Management – Minimum Bill3Client is not processing or does not meet the minimum threshold of 50 employees50 x net unit ratePer Month
Payroll – Minimum Bill3Client is not processing or does not meet the minimum threshold$100.00 Per Month
Payroll – Seasonal Minimum Bill3 Client is not processing or does not meet the minimum threshold$50.00 Per Month
Perform Time – Minimum Bill3 Client is not processing or does not meet the minimum threshold$50.00 Per Month
Year End Fees
1099 Data DownloadCharged when 1099 data summary is downloaded$100.00Per Download
1099 Printed FormsClient receives printed copies of employee 1099 forms$2.00Per 1099
ACA 1095-C Printed FormsClient receives printed copies of employee 1095-C forms$2.00Per 1095-C
W-2 CorrectionA change is required on a W2 after they have been printed and mailed$100.00Per W2 
W-2 Printed FormsClient receives printed copies of employee W-2 forms$2.00Per W2
W-2 Reprint / RegenerationClient requests a reprint or regeneration of a W2$25.00Per W2 
Year End Fees – ClientClient requests W2s at the time they are leaving Paycor$75 + contracted W2 rate + contracted W2 basePer Client ID
Year End Fees – Lost ClientClient has closed their account and later requests Year End services$249 + $7.95/W2 + $70 W2 basePer Client ID

All Items and fees in the above table are subject to change as determined by Paycor

1Fees will be charged on the monthly invoice for the Client FEIN with the lowest numeric payroll on the lowest numeric Paycor Client ID.

2Client must provide Paycor with the information and authorization necessary to obtain the tax IDs on Client’s behalf. The fee will be charged in the month that Client requests each individual Tax ID Registration Service regardless of whether such ID is successfully obtained or not. Paycor does not file Corporate, Sales and Use, Gross Receipts, Net Profit, or any other nonpayroll related business taxes or any Secretary of State filings. If an agency has a combined ID registration application that includes both non-payroll business taxes, as well as payroll tax withholding and unemployment registration, Paycor will assist with completion of the combined tax ID registration forms.

3Determination of minimum fee consider all entities under a common relationship